Ozone therapy: A revolutionary beauty technique

As we get older, the signs of aging begin to appear and our skin loses elasticity. However, Ozone Therapy, a new treatment technique, has come to the rescue as it helps to prevent the early signs of maturing and keeps skin glowing without cosmetic intervention.
We met up with Dr. Nada Alaaeddine, a specialist in regenerative medicine at Beirut’s Innovi Cell Therapy Clinic, to find out more about Ozone Therapy.


How can Ozone Therapy help?
Ozone Therapy stimulates the body to repair itself by using pure medical oxygen. A small amount of blood is taken from the client and Ozone 03 is added to it, in a sterile and concentrated manner, then it is injected into the body under the supervision of specialists. Ozone Therapy promotes blood circulation to carry renewed life to cells, increasing oxygen in every cell in the body and providing it with energy and vitality.
Since the treatment is a natural anti-oxidant, it eliminates viruses, bacteria and other impurities, and it contributes to healing many diseases, especially skin diseases. What’s more, it delays the signs of aging.

How is it performed?
There are two ways to perform Ozone Therapy, either through injections into the blood stream or through an ozone sauna, which has two phases. During phase one, in an equipped and sterile room, the client puts on an oxygen mask to stop the air inside the room fusing with the treatment and turning it into a toxic substance that could cause damage. Ozone Therapy is used to open the pores and to achieve cell renewal at a certain temperature, under the supervision of a doctor who specializes in the technique.
During phase two, the ozone sauna is completed with a massage using creams, especially made for each woman from stem cells in the laboratory.

Does this technology eliminate the signs of aging or prevent them from appearing?
This treatment fights aging from the inside, regardless of whether it shows deeply or superficially on the skin. The therapy works by getting rid of toxins in the body and invokes cell regeneration that reflects freshness on the skin and makes it more youthful. This technique does not eliminate wrinkles forever, but helps in delaying the signs of maturing.

Are there any side effects and is the technique scientifically proven?
Ozone Therapy is completely safe and without any side effects, it has been scientifically proven and has treated a number of diseases and skin cases. It is universally supported, particularly in Germany, Italy and Madrid. Many of those who have undergone this treatment have achieved the desired result and their skin has regained its glow and freshness, enabling them to enjoy a more balanced and youthful look. The effectiveness of this technique lies in fighting wrinkles by not allowing their early progress, or so-called premature aging.

How effective is it?
This treatment is described as incredible due to its ability to implant freshness and youth into skin after the first session. The effectiveness of this technique might vary from one woman to another, as it is affected by age, skin type and the number of sessions to get the desired result.

How many sessions should be done for an optimal result?
This depends first on your skin and how affected it is by the signs of aging, but preferably sessions should take place once every three months. The treatment is not costly and every woman can do it.

So can it be performed at any age?
Age does not play a major role in this procedure, but it is recommended for people above the age of 20.

Can men benefit from this technique as well?
Wrinkles are considered a major concern for women and men alike. Many men look after their appearance and resort to using this technique. The treatment is modern and sophisticated as it renews cells and maintains a glowing look.

Are there daily routines or a certain diet that must be followed post-treatment?
It is not necessary to adhere to a certain diet or exercise, even though this contributes to maintaining healthy skin.

Is it considered a substitute for Botox?
No, it is different from Botox in terms of composition and method of application. It is a natural protein substance extracted from a type of bacteria that works to remove wrinkles around the eyes and forehead by injections. Ozone Therapy works to stimulate cells and get rid of toxins in the body through the use of the ozone sauna or by blood injection.

Can you give a few tips to avoid looking older?
Women shouldn’t delay in solving skin problems and addressing them so they can protect themselves against premature aging. Keeping in shape is as important as looking after one’s health. An ideal and glowing look confirms a woman’s self-confidence.

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