Ozone Therapy An alternative for cancer patients

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CANCER treatment is no longer confined to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. New treatment methods, including cryosurgery, NanoKnife and immunotherapy, have emerged to bring new hope for patients.

 Dr. Chen Jibingof Fuda Cancer Hospitalin Guangzhou, China recently introduced Ozone therapy, reputed as the world’s safest cancer treatment method. A biological response modifier, the treatment enhances the body’s immune response to antigens. 

Ozone is a strong oxidant that aids the removal of bacteria and viruses, activates the immune system, and improves the microcirculation and oxygen supply. Ozone Therapy uses Ozomed Smart a high precision equipment developed in Europe, that converts oxygen to medical ozone which ismixed with the patients’ blood. The solution is intravenouslyinfused back to the patient. The process stimulates and augments the leukocyte phagocytosis that regulate the internal environment and enhance the body’s immunity.

Ozone Therapy is designed to improve the patients’ health condition and their life quality. As the ozone is infused into the body, it reacts with the body fluid and generates peroxide that can kill cancer cells, regulate the activity of tumor antibody and boost the anti-tumor 
function of the body. Ozone therapy is especially suitable for cancer patients who are prone to severe side effects caused by high-dosage chemotherapy drug.

The malignant proliferation rate of cells is monitored by the STK1 test, an internationally recognized cancer screening method used in physical examination, clinical screening of malignant proliferation lesions and post-treatment tracking monitoring.

Studies at Fuda Cancer Hospital have shown that ozone therapy can lower the expression level of STK1 among the progression-free cancer survivors.

A significant number of Filipino cancer patients have been going to Guangzhou to seek treatment at Fuda Cancer Hospital, mainly because modern cancer curing methods like cryosurgery, Nanoknife, and immunotherapy are not available in the Philippines. 

Approved in 2012 by the FDA, the Nanoknife procedure is  a minimally invasive, probe-based technology that involves the insertion of electrodes that release high-voltage pulses of up to 10,000 volts. The strong surge can instantly destroy the tumor cells. Pancreatic cancer patients need not undergo Whipple Surgery because the strong electricity can remove the tumor in the pancreas.

Another ablation technique for cancer treatment isCryosurgery. It destroys tumors by cycles of freezing and thawing. Once the 
temperature falls below -40oC, ice crystals form within the cells which causes cell death.  

The development of cancer is closely related to the state of one’s immune system. To prevent the cancer recurrence and matastasis, the physicians at Fuda recommends immunotherapy, a process that sensitizes the immune system and prevents cancer development.

To learn more about the various treatments available at Fuda Cancer Hospital, visit their Philippine office at room 901, Centuria Medical Makati, Century City, Kalayaan cor. 1208 Salamanca Makati Metro Manila.



3 thoughts on “Ozone Therapy An alternative for cancer patients

  1. Hello
    My father has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Tumor located in Middle and tail of pancreas. Mets to liver and lymph node.

    We live in Miami Florida USA.

    He had 2 chemo therapy treatments but is weak.

    Is Ozone therapy recommended at this point?
    Thank yiu

  2. I have Pancreatic Cancer & do not trust chemotherapy or radiation, so have been juices alot of green vegetables , carrots, cauliflower, broccoli etc. Just started OZONE THERAPY from my sons home, drinking it after making it, is this good? Can’t afford Alternative Therapy so doing home therapy! Any suggestions of medication??? Thank you so much!

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