Ozone to conserve water in restaurants

Ozone use is finding more and more small scale applications.  Traditionally ozone has been used in large water treatment plants for drinking water and wastewater treatment.  As the technology improves and becomes more mainstream new applications for ozone continue to grab hold.

EnviroPure has developed a great application for ozone to conserve water in food waste disposal systems.  In fact the National Restaurant Association (NRA) have given an award to Enviropure for this system.

To see more applications for ozone follow this link.

EnviroPure receives NRA innovation award, expected to save restaurants 400 gallons of water a day

April 22, 2015

Commercial foodservice and plumbing product manufacturer T&S Brass and Bronze Works announced the National Restaurant Association awarded the company the Kitchen Innovations Award for its new EnviroPure ozone recirculation option. The product is designed to eliminate the need to add fresh water during the organic food waste disposal system’s digestive process. The ozone recirculation option relies on naturally-extracted water from food waste as it processes through the system, breaking down food waste within 24 hours, the company said in the announcement.

Through a combination of mechanical processing and aerobic decomposition, an all-natural, micronutrient additive accelerates the digestive process, turning the food waste into a safe grey water byproduct that meets municipal wastewater requirements. The grey water is infused with ozone, which acts as a cleansing agent, the release said. The purified water then recirculates in a bubbler tank until further needed. Excess water can be used for irrigation or other non-potable purposes.

“A typical foodservice operation could expect to save about 400 gallons of water a day using this ozone infusion option,” said Jim Slanina, president of EnviroPure. “At a time when we’re beginning to realize water is not an unlimited resource, we think this will be a welcome innovation.”

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