Ozone treatment for Rice

Ozone Treatment May Help Thailand Restore Quality of Rice Stocks

A rice miller in Thailand’s Phichit province has come up with a brilliant idea of restoring the quality of decaying rice. The method called “Ozone Treatment” can used to restore the freshness of the grains and is considered safe for human consumption, according to local sources.

Under this technique, decaying and smelly old rice is first put into huge tanks and ventilated through air flow from fans to remove dust and impurities from the grains. It is then moved into another tank for drying with ozone by circulating more oxygen. Rice grains should be retained for about 20-30 minutes for eliminating smell from them. Lastly, the ozone treated rice should be exposed to a flow of air to remove ozone smell. The rice thus treated can be said to fresh and safe for consuming.

Ozone treatment of rice costs about 800-1,000 baht (around $24 – $30) per ton.

Local sources say the government could use the process to treat the rice in the warehouses that is identified as below standard before releasing it for sale.

Thailand government is currently holding around 18 million tons of rice stocks according to the Thai Prime Minister, of the 18 million tons of rice, only 10% are of standard quality, about 70% were below-standard and about 20% were unfit for human consumption.


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2 thoughts on “Ozone treatment for Rice

  1. Hi,
    I am experimenting ozone treatment in dryfruits, spices, grains, pulses and legumes.
    As of now i found that treatment of ozone for max 30min is leaving ozone smell in products. But still i am not sure whether it is effective or not.
    Can you please guide me on this?

    1. To gauge effectiveness we would need to have more info on your specific goals.
      It is common to leave an ozone smell in products for up to a few days. However, this remaining odor left by the reactive oxygen species will dissipate over time.
      Please e-mail or call us to provide more specific application details for us to help with effectiveness.

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