Ozone used for taste and odor control

Ozone Treatment Solution For Water Plagued With Foul Odor And Taste


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By Sara Jerome

The tap water in some parts of northern Texas tasted and smelled likes grass clippings recently.

The solution? Treatment plants in the area are betting on ozonation.


The cities of Arlington and Fort Worth disclosed in January that the strange odor and flavor were “was partially due to Tarrant Regional Water District changing its source from the Richland-Chambers Reservoir to Lake Benbrook for pipe maintenance,” according to a report by KHOU.

But there is more to it than pipe repairs.

“In addition, a ‘naturally occurring compound’ called geosmin has been rising, which is normal in colder weather when algae in surface water is killed off,” the Star-Telegram reported, citing officials in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth has used Ozone as a disinfectant agent at all plants since fall of 2012, according to the city. The city “pioneered using ozone for primary disinfection in Texas in 1993 with the opening of the Eagle Mountain Water Treatment Plant.”

The benefit of ozonation, according to Fort Worth, is that it oxidizes organic matter in raw water. That means “less coagulation chemicals are needed” in the treatment process.

Full article can be read HERE


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