Preventative Maintenance Services

Oxidation technologies offers preventative maintenance services for almost all industrial and commercial ozone equipment.  Our staff can go on-site check equipment, perform maintenance and ensure reliable long term maintenance of your equipment.

All mechanical equipment requires maintenance of some sort.  Why not have the ozone experts check your system at least once a year?

Ozone System Preventative Maintenance Services:

  • Even the best systems require maintenance
  • Poorly maintained ozone systems produce poor results
  • Ozone system maintenance can be simple if it is performed regularly
  • Feed gas systems are commonly neglected
  • Ozone leak sensors require calibration
  • Some corona cells require cleaning
  • Check valve and water traps must be in working condition
  • If neglected, repairs will cost far more than routine maintenance

Ozone Generator/System Service:

  • We can perorm on-site service of your integrated system as needed or set-up a contract
  • We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual service contracts
  • Proper service and maintenance is required for long lasting equipment
  • Many times preventative maintenance will cost less than costly repairs

Click HERE to be directed to our ozone system repair/service webpage.

For details on your ozone generator or ozone system components please Contact Us, we would be glad to help you design a PM plan for your equipment.


List of common ozone generator brands we have offered maintenance service for:

  • Ozonia
  • Wedeco
  • Plasma Technics (PTI)
  • Azcozon
  • Absolute Ozone
  • Hess Machine
  • Pacific Ozone
  • Clearwater Tech
  • Del Ozone
  • Welsbach
  • Polymetric
  • Ozotech

 List of supporting ozone equipment we commonly offer maintenance service for:

  • Oxygen Concentrators
    • OGSI
    • Air Sep
    • Sequal
  • Air Dryers
    • PureGas
    • Ingersoll Rand
    • Azco
  • Air Compressors
    • Ingersoll Rand
    • Kaiser
    • Gast
    • Thomas
  • Ozone Monitor

    • Eco-Sensors
    • Analytical Technologies, Inc. (ATI)
    • Aeroqual
    • Teledyne API
    • 2B Tech
    • BMT
    • IN-USA
  • Accessories
    • Rebuild injection pump
    • Rebuild/replace check valves
    • Replace venturi
    • Check for proper air vent operation


  • A little humor:

    Top 10 reasons ozone systems are not maintained

    1. We can’t find/lost the manual
    2. The manufacturer didn’t send the manual
    3. Ozone? I heard that stuff was dangerous!
    4. I don’t go near anything more than 500 volts
    5. I don’t think ozone really does anything anyway, after all our water is fine isn’t it?
    6. It started leaking a few months ago, we couldn’t find the leak, so we just shut it off
    7. The manual didn’t say anything about maintenance, did it?
    8. I don’t even know why we have that thing, no one asked me if it was a good idea!
    9. What does ozone do anyway?
    10. The last time I worked on it I inhaled way too much ozone, I’m not doing that again!

    Summary: don’t let this be you!

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