Specialized Ozone Applications, Oxidation Technologies, and The Tip of the Iceberg

Oxidation Technologies will custom build a wide variety of specialized ozone applications. In the 9 months I have been working here, few projects have been the same. We have designed and built specialized pilot systems for customers exploring the new applications for ozone in their industry. We’ve produced a variety of systems for sanitation in the food industry and organic food storage. Our systems are solving tough problems in the pet products industry, and pharmaceutical research. We design systems for applications from bottled water treatment & dairy operations to municipal water, groundwater remediation, and sewage treatment. Our systems are helping customers in the ocean well drilling as well as the airline industry. We have designed custom treatment chambers for laboratories, allergy treatment, and product treatment. We’ve done in-house materials testing on a variety of dry and liquid materials. We continue to develop precise and safe control systems. Oxidation Technologies support the whole spectrum of ozone as well as other gas use with analyzers, sensors, parts and supplies. We have worked with customers all around the world. Everyone here works hard to understand needs and develop systems that will meet those needs. The leadership here have a tenacious spirit for overcoming obstacles and refuse to give up. The phones here are always in use providing excellent customer service. We are willing to travel and visit sites when needed or on a routine maintenance basis. From design to build, every project is steeped in cost consciousness, quality, the best materials and equipment for the job. Systems are built to work well, and last for a long time. After nine months working here, I continue to grow in my appreciation for the amazing potential of ozone, the depth of expertise laying the foundation of Oxidation Technologies, and the integrity and enthusiasm for applying the power of ozone to meet customers’ needs. At the same time, I have come to realize that what I have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg. I am confident that the culture of growth and learning here will nourish my growth in understanding ozone and our ability to harness the power of ozone for your needs.

What Happened at the IOA Today?

On Monday, August 20 the International Ozone Association (IOA) hosted an ozone process workshop giving an overview of ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs).   Seven presenters representing various research organizations and water treatment operations around the country reviewed the basics of AOP fundamentals and considerations for safe and successful process operation and maintenance.  Four companies set up materials for practical, hands-on instruction in feed gas, ozone generator and destruct repair and maintenance, ozone mass transfer, and ozone safety and monitoring.  The discussion and problem solving generated by these presentations served everyone from the large treatment facility to specialized applications such as medicine, food production, or ground water remediation.  I am very excited about this growing industry and will share some of the ideas and information that I am learning as someone new to the industry.

Ozone oxidation of MTBE and ETBE evaluated

Ozone is commonly used to remove MTBE from groundwater and drinking water when MTBE is found in high levels.  Ozone is a viable option as ozone oxidizes MTBE rapidly from water, and completely after by-products are also oxidized.   Below paper gives great details on this process.

MTBE molecule

Oxidation of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) and Ethyl tert-Butyl Ether (ETBE) by Ozone and Combined Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide

Courtesy of:  Ozone: Science & Engineering  The Journal of the International Ozone Association

Ozone science and engineering
IOA Journal

Authors: N. Karpel Vel Leitner ,A.-L. Papailhou ,J.-P. Croué ,J. Peyrot M. Doré

Received 21 Jul 1993, Accepted 12 Oct 1993, Published online: 23 Jul 2008


The aim of this work was to study the reaction of ozone and combined ozone/hydrogen peroxide on oxygenated additives such as methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) in dilute aqueous solution using controlled experimental conditions. Experiments conducted in a semi-continuous reactor with MTBE and ETBE in combination (initial concentration: 2 mmol/L of each) showed that ETBE was better eliminated than MTBE with both ozone and combined O3/H2O2. Batch experiments led to the determination of the ratio of the kinetic constants for the reaction of OH°-radical with MTBE and ETBE [kOH°/ETBE/kOH°/MTBE = 1.7). Tert-butyl formate and tert-butyl acetate were identified as the ozonation byproducts of MTBE and ETBE, respectively, while tert-butyl alcohol was found to be produced during the ozonation of both compounds.

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MTBE Removal Success

Ozone has proven to be successful at oxidizing MTBE in water.  Ozone rapidly oxidizes MTBE, however, TBA (tert-Butyl alcohol) is formed as a by-product of this oxidation.  TBA is then oxidized by ozone, but at a slower rate than MTBE.  See chart directly below for a great example:

MTBE removal from water with ozone create TBA

Image from: Chemical Oxidation of MTBE and TBA

The chart above shows a great example of MTBE removal in water with only MTBE and TBA data shown.  As MTBE was oxidized, TBA was created at the same rate.  After MTBE oxidation was nearly complete TBA oxidation started to occur, but at a slower rate.  TBA will also be completely oxidized from water with ozone over time.  Ozone remains a great option for oxidation due to the rapid oxidation of MTBE and complete destruction of both MTBE and TBA with no harmful by-products left in the water.

Additional Technical Documents:

Below is a series of papers and documents outlining practical and laboratory success in the elimination of MTBE from water using ozone, or ozone AOP processes.

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ORK-Series Ozone Systems  ORT-Series Ozone Trailer Systems   ORC-Series Ozone Systems  OXS-Series Ozone Systems

Ozone Remediation System Install

We just finished retrofitting a shed and installing an ozone remediation system in Wyoming.  An Ozone Cabinet was used in a small shed to clean up gasoline contaminates in the water table.  

Wooden shed to protect ozone remediation system
Small shed to house the ozone remediation system
Ozone remediation cabinet
Ozone remediation cabinet is installed inside this protective shed

This was a great install and very clean when finished.  Small vent fans are used in this shed to remove excess heat.  Ozone delivery lines were stubbed up directly inside this shed in the concrete pad making this a very secure install.  A custom 2 lb/day ozone cabinet is used to provide ozone to up to 20 well outputs in this situation.

Ozone is a great solution to removing MTBE, TBA, BTEX, and other common gasoline contaminates from groundwater.  Ozone can be used in-situ (as in this example) with minimal site disturbance and a very small footprint.

ozone remediation cabinet
2 lb/day ozone remediation cabinet

Learn more about ozone used for groundwater remediation HERE

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Ozone Groundwater Remediation Case Studies

Case studies using ozone for groundwater remediation.  Below images are provided by Remediation Equipment Services (RES) using ozone as In-situ chemical oxidation.

Ozone for MTBE and TBA removal from water
Results from periodic injections to treat “Hot” spots. Monitoring wells were converted to temporary injection wells.
Ozone removes MTBE groundwater using IN-Situ chemical oxidation
Full-scale system treating multiple aquifers, shallow unsaturated and deep bedrock
Full scale system removing MTBE from groundwater
Full-scale system injection system treating bedrock aquifer
ozone removes MTBE from groundwater
Full-scale ozone injection system injecting into multiple zones

Results courtesy of RES:

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Remediation Equipment & Services

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Ozone Remediation Systems for Groundwater Remediation.

Oxidation Technologies provides turnkey Ozone Remediation Systems custom built for your specific project.  We have extensive experience as a system integrator of remediation systems implementing ozone, AOP, and other technologies with necessary.  We provide systems in the following configurations
Trailer SystemsOzone Trailer systems house all equipment for safe and portable systems that are completely automated.  Trailer systems can be provided using our custom steel trailers that are a step above the standard cargo trailer you have seen in the past.

Cabinet SystemsCabinet systems can be provided as a stand-alone system, and a panel system built for environmentally protected areas.  These systems are compact, and cost effective.

Modular Ozone System KitsModular ozone systems are provided as kit assemblies that include all the components necessary for a complete remediation system.  These systems can be installed inside the customer’s existing structure, trailer, cargo container, or shed.

Shed mounted Systems– Ozone systems can be housed in custom built sheds that will perform well, and match the aesthetics of the area the system is placed in.  Shed systems can be provided as turn-key solutions by Oxidation Tech or use the Modular Ozone System Kits.

Cargo Container Systems– Ozone systems installed in cargo containers can be shipped easily, even internationally.  Large ozone systems can be provided and shipped without great expense.  Very well protected and functional.  Cargo Container systems can be provided as turn-key solutions by Oxidation Tech or use the Modular Ozone System Kits.


Please contact our office for help determining what system configuration may be right for you.  Or for a quote on your existing project.

The importance of Groundwater Remediation

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Groundwater remediation, as the name suggests, is the process of identifying and fixing groundwater problems, usually pollution or other contaminants. In some cases, groundwater remediation is the only way to solve potentially destructive environmental and health problems for whole communities. Groundwater remediation is a huge global industry, devoted to managing pollution. This remediation process has to deal with some of the world’s worst environmental problems on a daily basis.

The Importance of Groundwater Remediation

Deadly Issues in Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater contamination is one of the most common, and most difficult, environmental problems. Contaminants may include oil, chemicals, heavy metals, and other poisonous substances. In some cases, contamination is so bad that water can’t be used at all. You couldn’t even use it to wash your car.

The other problem is that these contaminants will remain in the groundwater until the problems are solved. Prevention, obviously, is the best solution. In some cases, however, prevention and a cure must work together.

A good example of this type of problem is a case which occurred in Sydney. Serious contamination had released oil into groundwater. A total of 12 different types of contaminants were present in groundwater, including metals, in large quantities. These materials, if ingested, could be fatal to humans, or cause serious health issues. If released into the environment, the materials could also cause long-term contamination for fish and the local food chain.

The need was to both deal with the existing problem and prevent future problems. The solution was to develop a site-specific project to extract and eliminate contaminants using MyCelx filters, a top-of-the-line, modern wastewater filtration system.

Wastewater filtration and customized problem-solving delivered excellent results in this case. It should be noted that any incident of groundwater contamination may involve multiple factors. Each situation requires individual problem-solving and systems adapted to managing contamination issues.


Long Term Solutions

One of the major problems in groundwater remediation is simple enough – Understanding the problems. Most people don’t understand how dangerous contaminated water can be and how much damage it can do. Best practice is to implement long-term solutions using the latest technology to completely eliminate current groundwater and future contamination.

The bottom line here is that current problems can become expensive future problems. In many industries, groundwater contamination can also be a major legal risk. The good news is that MyCelx technology is drastically improving the cost efficiency of groundwater remediation. New treatments, new filtration systems, water purification systems, ozone treatments, and other advanced technologies are making the work easier, cheaper and quicker. The results speak for themselves.

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