Ozone Bench Test

Ozone has many uses and potential applications in the industrial space, and these applications continue to grow as the technology improves.  Due to this many new applications require testing to determine if ozone is a good fit, and to size the proper ozone system on a large scale.  This is where lab testing, or bench-scale testing may be useful.

Should you need help with your bench-scale or pilot testing, we would be glad to provide you the necessary equipment, or perform these tests at our shop with our labor.

We also provide advise and assistance to set-up a quality bench-test set-up using ozone.  Below is a great example in the diagram with details on equipment below.

ozone bench-test example
Diagram of ozone bench-test example

Description of operation:

Ozone generator produces ozone from oxygen supplied from an external source, or with the integrated oxygen concentrator if equipped.  Ozone/oxygen flow should be low, 2 LPM or less.  Ozone should be produced at the highest concentration possible to provide the highest solubility  of ozone into water as possible.


Ozone Mixing Tank should allow ozone gas to be bubbled into the bottom of this reactor.  This tank should be sized based on your test and should be a reasonable volume for the sample size you are dealing with.  For example, a 1 liter sample volume should be treated in a 1.5 – 2 liter tank.

The tank design should be as tall as reasonably possible.  We commonly use clear PVC pipe to construct this with, 2″ PVC pipe at 48″ tall will hold a 2 liter water sample with sufficient head space just fine.  This tall column allows the best possible solubility of ozone into water as possible due to the height.


Dissolved Ozone Meter will measure dissolved ozone levels directly in the contact column.  Using the submersion sensor ozone can be measured directly in the column with no water leaving the column or test chamber.  Dissolved ozone levels up to 200 ppm can be accurately measured with the proper dissolved ozone meter.


Ozone Flow Meter can measure and regulate ozone gas flow rate to the column or to the ozone analyzer.  This will ensure the proper flow of ozone is measured and used to validate your tests.  Stainless steel flowmeters with all Teflon seals should be used for reliability and optimum ozone resistance.


Ozone Analyzer will measure the ozone concentration real-time of the ozone generated from the ozone generator.  This will determine the exact ozone dosage rate entered into the water.  The ozone analyzer will measure ozone in g/m3 or % by weight.  Using the flow measurement from the ozone flow meter and online ozone calculators the exact g/hr of ozone produced can be calculated.


Three Way Ball Valves can be used to divert ozone gas flow to the ozone analyzer either directly from the ozone generator to measure ozone production, or from the ozone reactors off-gas line to measure ozone off-gas concentration.  By measuring the concentration of ozone off-gas the precise ozone consumption rate can be measured.  This can be used to determine ozone reaction rates for your testing.


Ozone Scrubber can be used to destroy all excess ozone and safely catalyze back to oxygen.

If you have any questions about modifying your existing set-up, or getting help setting up a new bench-test set-up with ozone, we would be glad to help.  We sell and rent all the equipment you see used.  We can also help you with the finer details of how and why.

Ozone Pilot Test Trailer

We just started a new pilot test using our ozone pilot test trailer.  In this application, ozone is in use to remove 1,4-Dioxane and other VOC’s from groundwater using in-situ remediation.

ozone trailer
Ozone pilot trailer on-site

This site was contaminated from a legacy chemical plant that has long since been removed.  Site clean-up had been attempted with various other technologies over the years with success on other contaminates, but hard to break down VOC’s remain at this site.  Ozone was chosen as a technology for the final phase of remediation on the path to final site closure.

Our ozone pilot trailer has the ability to produce 80 g/hr of ozone from oxygen and push ozone to groundwater wells at pressures up to 50 PSI.  The trailer can be controlled and operated remotely via a telemetry system that allows full remote control and visual indication of system operation.

ozone pilot test trailer remote access
Example of telemetry used for the ozone pilot test trailer

Should you have a need for a portable and automated ozone system please let us know.   This pilot test is currently located on the east coast and is in operation in New York State.  The features of this system are outlined below:

  • 80 g/hr ozone generator
  • 40 SCFH oxygen production
  • Ozone manifold with 4 individually controlled outputs
  • Mass flow meter to indicate Oxygen flow real-time
  • Ozone analyzer to measure ozone concentration real-time
  • Ambient ozone leak sensor
  • Full telemetry system
  • Boost compressor to provide up to 50 PSI ozone delivery pressure
  • Oxygen pressure sensor
  • Ozone pressure sensor
telemetry ozone system
Ozone pilot trailer in-use

Trailer only requires electrical power for operation.  Either 120 VAC or 220 VAC power can be used for the operation to ensure flexibility for your application.

Handheld Ozone Monitor for Rent

For your short term ozone detection needs we now offer the C16 PortaSens Handheld ozone monitor for rent.  We offer this monitor with the 0-2 ppm sensor or the higher range 0-20 ppm sensor.  For special situations the ppb range sensor is also available.

The C16 is a great monitor for ozone leak detection.

C16 PortaSense Ozone Leak Sniffer
C16 Ozone monitor is a great leak detector

Due to the fast ozone response and integrated sample pump the C16 will react to leaks quickly.  The long sample tube allows use in tight places and in the backside of equipment.

The C16 can also log ozone levels in an area for safety or for R&D projects.  See main page for datalogging info

The screenshot below shows the datalogging set-up of the C16.  A very simple interface is used to set-up your data logging software and downoald.

C16 Data Logging Set-up

Data is logged with C16 and downloaded.  All data is exported to a CSV file that can be graphed or shown as a table with common spreadsheet software on your computer.

C-16 logged data

To rent the C16 call or follow this link.  We also offer other ozone equipment for rent for all your short term or pilot test needs, click here to see full list.

Ozone equipment for rent

Ozone Equipment for rent

Oxidation Technologies continues to grow our rental fleet to better serve our customer.  If you are in need of ozone equipment for a pilot test, short term application, or to keep operational while other equipment is repaired we have the rental equipment to keep you running.

Ozone equipment for rent

Ozone Generators:

30 g/hr ozone generator for rent
Ozone Generator for rent

Ozone Monitors:

Used C16 Gas Detector
Ozone monitor for rent

Ozone Systems:

16 g/hr ozone water system for rent
Ozone system for rent

We also have an ozone calibration kit for rent, along with ozone trailers for groundwater remediation and larger ozone water systems.  Don’t see what your looking for?  Call us, we can help.