Mazzei Injector company celebrates 40 years


Angelo and MAry Mazzei celebrated the 40th anniversary of their company

The founders and employees of Mazzei Injector Company celebrated the organization’s 40th anniversary on April 12, 2018

with a look at the evolution from its humble beginnings in Angelo and Mary Mazzei’s Bakersfield garage to its maturation into a world-renowned leader in fluid processing technology. Today, the company–still headed by Angelo Mazzei, who has been joined by his daughter Celia “Cece” Cobar as head of research and development–employs more

than 28 people and manufactures venturi injectors and other specialized fluid handling equipment in Bakersfield. “I think the single best attribute of Mazzei Injector, which has

helped the company succeed for all these years, is the passion for excellence that Angelo has, and that has permeated throughout the company,” said Geoff Whynot, president of Mazzei Injector Company, at a luncheon marking the anniversary of the company’s establishment.

Venturi Principle

Mazzei, who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and worked on his uncle’s farm after

graduating  from

Fresno State College, built his first injector to efficiently blend fertilizer with irrigation water from the pressurized supply lines feeding off the California Aqueduct. He tapped into the venturi principle, using a specially designed configuration that directed water to increase velocity through a chamber, creating a vacuum that pulled fertilizer into the system and mixed it with the flowing water. With no moving parts and powered by a minimal differential pressure of the water in the line, the system was highly efficient and almost foolproof. Mazzei received his first patent, and founded the company with Mary, in 1978

Since its start in agriculture 40 years ago, Mazzei injectors have become widely used for fluid processing solutions in a wide  range of industries. Winemakers use Mazzei injectors to improve yeast growth during fermentation of their wines. Utilities use them to more efficiently purify drinking water. Food companies and industrial customers use them to reduce odors in their wastewater. Hot tub makers place small Mazzei injectors in their systems to blend ozone into the water for sanitation. And farmers are still using Mazzei injectors to precisely manage fertilizers and crop protection products in irrigation water, and, increasingly, to aerate the root zone. Other Mazzei inventions have further enhanced the efficiency of gas/liquid mixing, which has long challenged engineers.

“For 40 years, Angelo has built more than a company, he’s built a culture–a culture of innovation, a culture of collaboration, a culture of service,” said Jim Lauria, vice president of sales and marketing.

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