Carulite 200

Carulite-200 Ozone Destruct media made by Carus chemical company.  Safely catalyze ozone to oxygen in process.  This is the media used in all catalyst type ozone destruct units.

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Carulite-200 Ozone Destruct Catalyst. 

Carulite-200 catalyst is used to safely break ozone down to oxygen in a process.  Carulite-200 is used in all major ozone destruct units manufactured today.  The Carulite material is a true catalyst that will safely destroy ozone in process without breaking down.

Carulite-200 should be placed in a stainless steel container for ozone destruction.  During the catalyst process the catalyst material does generate some heat, therefore the container will increase in temperature during operation.  Using PVC or other plastic materials should be avoided as these may melt, and have the possibility of igniting and providing a flame source.

This catalyst is not a hazardous substance, therefore your spent carulite-200 can be disposed of in a standard landfill.

Over time your catalyst will become contaminated and less useful to destroy ozone.  Due to this, we recommend you replace your ozone destruct catalyst annually.  Common contaminants that will poison your Carulte-200 are listed below:

  • Sulfer compounds
  • Halogenated compounds
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Metals
  • Nox
  • Silica
  • Water (condensed water will destroy Carulte-200)



How long does the catalyst last?

  • Catalyst life will be dependent upon contaminates and overall use. We recommend replacing catalyst annually to ensure continuous and reliable ozone destruction.

What shortens the catalyst life?

  • Water condensing on the catalyst will damage the catalyst that water condenses on. This is why heaters and water traps are recommended on all applications where ozone is destroyed in moist air or ozone off-gas applications

  • Hydrocarbons, VOC’s, Sulfer compounds, Halogenated compounds, Heavy metals, Nox, and Silica will all poison the catalyst and shorten the life.

Is there a shelf life for the catalyst? Can we buy a rebuild kit and keep it on the shelf?

  • There is no shelf life for the catalyst. It will last indefinitely on the shelf. Store in cool, dry area in a closed container. Segregate from easily oxidizable materials.

Is the spent catalyst considered a hazardous material?

  • The catalyst is not a hazardous substance, however, it should be handled with care. Protective equipment in handling including, safety glasses, and gloves should be used.

  • Disposal of the catalyst in a standard landfill is approved after verifying that it is not contaminated with hazardous substances through usage.

This stuff looks like carbon, can we just use carbon material instead?

  • While carbon will destroy ozone it is not a safe option.  The carbon + ozone reaction will generate heat during ozone destruction.  As carbon is a great fuel source and can burn it can ignite with the oxygen gas flowing through the carbon.  With a source of oxygen + carbon the fire will be extremely hot and could cause major destruction to the surrounding infrastructure.  Carulite, will not create this level of heat, and carulite will not burn.

  • Carbon destruction of ozone is not a catalytic reaction.  Carbon + Ozone = CO and CO2.  Over time the carbon will become spent and will not destroy ozone safely.  

Do you offer repair/rebuild kits for other brands of destruct units?

  • Yes we do. The Carulite 200 material used for catalyst material is the same in most all catalytic ozone destruct units. We can provide this catalyst, screens, gaskets, heaters, water traps and every part you might need.
  • Contact us for details.

What is the mesh size? 

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Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Quickbooks Stock Level 714.000000
Quickbooks Stock Date Expected 2024-05-31 00:00:00
Call For Price No
Operating Pressure NA
Gas Connections NA
Dimensions (LxWxH) Bulk Density = 0.75-0.89 g/cc
1 lb = 509 - 604 cm3
1 lb = 31 - 36 cm3
Nominal Gas Flow Rate ≥ 2.2 ft/sec (0.66 m/sec) Linear Velocity
Compatible With CDU Destruct Units
Operational Temperature Range 0 - 125-deg F
Power Requirements NA
Lead Time In-stock in large quantities
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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