CDA-500 Ozone Scrubber

Catalytic ozone scrubber destroys ozone in ambient air at an air flow-rate of 500 CFM.  

Built-in fans flow air past catalyst material designed to revert ozone safely back to oxygen.

90% efficient at 500 CFM air flow-rate.


True Catalytic Ozone Scrubber will safely catalyze ozone to oxygen reliably with no consumables. Built-in fans flow 500 CFM of air through this device and destroy 90% of the ozone that passes through the catalyst material.



  • Ozone pack-out rooms
  • Disinfection rooms
  • Ozone chambers
  • Any process where high ambient ozone levels need to be removed safely from the air quickly


  • 500CFM airflow rate from internal fans
  • Catalytic material is used for long-life
  • >90% ozone destruction efficiency at high ozone levels
  • The catalyst material is replaceable 
  • Magnetic levitation fans are used for longevity
  • No steel ball bearings or other oxidizable metal parts are used
  • Destruct catalyst is at the inlet, electrical components and fans are exposed to lower levels of azone only.
  • Fans operate on 24 VDC for safety
  • External UL listed 24 VDC power supply provided to power from 120 or 220 VAC power.
  • Handles provided for easy transport or carrying
  • Plastic feet mounted to the bottom provide firm footing on the floor or bench.


Air flows into the large screened ends on the CDA-500 and exits the fan holes on the sides of the CDA-500.  Catalyst material is placed at the air entry point of the CDA-500, with the fans at the outlet.  This ensures ozone levels in the air are low when passing over the fans and electrical connections inside the CDA-500.  Magnetic levitation fans are used for air-flow this ensures a long fan life and eliminates any steel ball bearings from the fans that could fail due to oxidation over time.

The CDA-500 uses 24 VDC fans for safety.  An external 120/220 VAC to 24 VDC power supply that is UL listed is provided with the CDA-500 to power from either a 120 or 220 VAC power source.



CDA Series Specification Sheet

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Operating Pressure NA - air flow provided by fans
Gas Connections NA
Dimensions 16" long x 8" wide x 9" tall
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 500 CFM
Operational Temperature Range 0 - 125-deg F
Power Requirements 120 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Lead Time 1-week
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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