The CH-3 Ozone Chamber is a large volume Ozone Test Chamber. Ozone range is customer specified. These units can be configured stationary or with wheels for mobility. The CH-3 can be used for the following applications and more.

  • Odor Removal
  • Sterilization
  • Testing materials for accelerated age testing
  • large item ozone exposure testing
  • Surface Adhesion Testing

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The CH-3 Ozone Chamber is a large volume ozone chamber designed to maintain ozone levels that are customer specified.

This system is made out of aluminum and lexan to view the items tested in real time.

Ozone and temperature levels are automatically maintained using PID control in the control system.

The CH-3 Ozone Chamber has a very simple touch screen interface allowing users to enter Ozone and Exposure Time set points.

Each exposure test can record the data and be exported to a computer.

These units can be configured to be stationary or with wheels for mobility.

Ozone Measurement Range Customer Specified
Ozone Measurement Resolution 0.001 PPM
Ozone Measurement Principle UV absorbtion
Ozone Measurement Accuracy +/- 2%
Ozone Generation UV Light
Voltage 120 Vac 50/60 (3 amps)
Configurations Stationary or Mobile



Mobility - Take the CH-3 Mobile Ozone Chamber wherever you need it. This system is designed to easily be transported from one location to another.

Automated Operation - Completely automated operation - choose your desired ozone level and treatment time, and then press START.  Touch screen user interface will display current and past operation during operation. However, user action is required during the process.  

Infinite Ozone Range - Any ozone level desired can be selected with the touch screen user interface.  Customer specified ranges available are 0-200 pphm, 0-1 ppm, 0-1 ppm, 0-100 ppm, 0-500 ppm, and 0-1,000 ppm are all available ranges.

Precise ozone measurement and control - Ozone levels in the chamber are measured by a UV based ozone analyzer.  Ozone detection accuracy of 1% is standard with a resolution of 1 ppb.  Ozone levels are displayed on the user interface and logged for later review.  The ozone measurement obtained by the UV ozone analyzer is used by the PLC control system to increase or decrease ozone levels in the chamber by altering power output to the integrated ozone generator.

Temperature Control - This is an option for the CH-3 Ozone Chamber. Control temperature levels from ambient room temperature up to 105 degrees F.

Integrated Data Logging - Data logging is a standard part of this system.  Trend graphs will be available on the color display to visually determine past ozone levels and temperatures.  Data can also be downloaded to your PC and saved as a .CSV file for reporting purposes.  All alarm conditions and potential faults are also logged on the system

Remote Monitoring - Optional remote monitoring allows the system to be connected to the internet and controlled remotely from any location in the world.  The complete color display is available on your PC, tablet, or even smartphone.   The same operations performed while in front of the machine can be performed remotely.  All logged data can also be viewed and downloaded remotely if desired.

Ozone Destruct Cycle - When pre-set testing time is complete the CH-3 ozone chamber automatically enters an ozone destruct cycle.  In this cycle, the ozone inside the chamber is safely catalyzed back to oxygen with an ozone destruct device.  The user interface display will provide an ambient ozone level inside the chamber and alert when it is safe to enter the chamber.

Door Interlock for Safety - The interlock is as a safety measure to prevent the ozone chamber door from being opened when there is ozone is inside of the chamber. This also prevents the ozone chamber from being started when the door is opened.

Minimal Maintenance - Maintenance on the CH-3 chamber is very minimal.  No major replacement parts are required.  Regular filter changes, and monitor calibrations are required annually. 

Made in the USA - The CH-3 Ozone Chamber is assembled completely in the USA.  The Ozone Generator, UV ozone analyzer, and control system are all built in the USA with the highest manufacturing standards.  Service and support for the CH-3 chamber is available from our service reps and distribution network.



Operation of the CH-3 Ozone Chamber is simple and automated.  Place the objects to be tested inside the large chamber in the required configuration for testing.  On the touch screen user interface choose the ozone level, and temperature required, set the desired ozone treatment time, and press START.  The system will automatically generate and maintain the proper ambient ozone level for the required time interval.  When the treatment time is finished, an ozone destruct cycle will begin to safely catalyze all ozone back to oxygen quickly.



 CH-3 External Compontnets




CH-3 Brochure


Ozone Exposure Video Demonstration




     -Odor Removal

     -Testing materials for accelerated age testing

     -Large item ozone exposure testing

     -Surface Adhesion Testing

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Material of construction Stainless Steel
Power Requirements 120 VAC 60 Hz
Mobile Mobile
Datalogging Yes
Feed Gas Oxygen
Gas Connections 1/4" Compression Fitting
Temperature Control None
Ozone Range 0-500 PPM
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