CWS Ozone Water Filtration System

Complete Water Treatment System integrating ozone and filtration.  Customizable ozone systems capable of 8 to 100 g/hr ozone production and water filtration flow rates up to 100 GPM.  With additional options for further customization these systems will meet most every water treatment need.

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Call For Price

Complete Water Treatment Systems integrate ozone and filtration for a turnkey solution to your water treatment needs.  Ozone can be used to oxidize many minerals and metals from water efficiently, however filtration is required to effectively remove oxidized contaminates from water.  These systems incorporate ozone production, ozone mass transfer into water, and water filtration on one turnkey skid.


CWS Ozone Water Filtration Systems includes the following primary components as standard equipment:

     -Oxygen Concentrator

     -Ozone Generator

     -Ozone Injection Pump

     -Ozone Venturi and mixing system

     -Ozone contact tank

     -Water pre-filter

     -Redundant Back-washable sand-filters

     -Water post-filter

     -Main system control panel

     -System skid and necessary tubing/ancillary equipment



Diagram below shows the components of the CWS Water Treatment Systems:


Ozone Water system with filtration


Common Applications:

     -Iron oxidation and filtration

     -Mangenese oxidation and filtration

     -Well water treatment

     -Small water treatment plants


Downloadable Content:

Download CWS-Series Brochure

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 4 LPM
Warranty 1 Year
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