FEP 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD

FEP tubing 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD  -  tubing is clear.  This is the best tubing to use with Ozone gas and many other corrosive substances.

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FEP Tubing is the best tubing available for the plumbing of ozone gas. This tubing is completely ozone resistant, can handle high temperatures and is flexible.

We keep this tubing in stock for our use when building ozone systems and also offer this tubing for sale. Tubing is normally in stock and can ship in any length you choose. If specific coil lengths or spools are desired, please call or e-mail with your request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.



Inside Diameter

0.250 -inch

Outside Diameter

0.375 - inch

Wall Thickness

0.062 - inch

Wall Tolerance +/-

0.005 - inch

OD Tolerance +/-

0.008 - inch

Burst Pressure @ 75-deg F

840 PSI

Tensile Strength, 73-deg F

2100 - 3050 PSI

Elongation, 73-deg F

240 - 300%

Yield Strength

1740 PSI

Melting Point

487 - 540 Deg F

Thermal Conductivity

1.45 Btu·in/h·ft2·°F

Service Temperature

-418 to 403 Deg F

O2 Permeability

637 Ng cm m-2


FEP tubing is a copolymer of TFE, the basic fluoro-monomer building block. The addition of a modifier results in a small, but meaningful departure from the properties of PTFE tubing. Mainly, it possesses a working pressure that is 30% higher, transparent walls, a small increase in stiffness, and a use temperature that is 50 degrees F lower.

Unlike other fluoropolymer tubing, long continuous lengths of FEP tubing can also be produced by extrusion. The relatively low cost and desired properties of FEP tubing drives its use in many applications that require high electrical breakdown voltage, low dielectric constant, high chemical resistance, high UV transmission, excellent sterilizability and longevity of use.

FEP tubing is best used with Kynar Fittings which are specially designed to create a tight seal around plastic tubing. These fittings come in a variety of sizes and specifications and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion.


Key Properties:

     -Cost-effective fluoropolymer and alternative to PTFE

     -Excellent UV transmission, electrical, and better mechanical properties than PTFE

     -Longer continuous tubing lengths available compared to PTFE

     -Great for cabling, electrical insulation, water disinfection, environmental, and food contact applications

     -Preferred material where tubing clarity or organization is desired

     -Use temperature of 450 F (~230 C)

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Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
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ID 1/4"
OD 3/8"
Wall Thickness 0.062"
Warranty 1 Year
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