Sulfate Information



Other Names

  Sulfate Ion; Sulphate

Chemical Formula


CAS Number

  14808 – 79 – 8

Industry Uses

  Beverage Industry; Ion Exchange Systems

Health Risks


What is Sulfate:

Sulfate is present at widely varying conditions in natural waters. Sulfate levels are monitored in the beverage industry as well as in cooling water and ion exchange systems in order to prevent calcium sulfate scale formation.

Sulfate Exposure and Health Risks:

Increased concentration of sulfate in water will cause it to have a salty taste and odor. Sulfate ions act as an osmotic laxative. Increased exposure to sulfate will increase large intestinal motility and inhibit large intestine fluid/electrolyte absorption.


The table below summarizes the most-recent standards.




250 mg/L

Max. Secondary Drinking Water Standard


Sources: EPA

Measuring Sulfate:

Dissolved Sulfate concentration in water can be measured in units of parts per million (ppm). We carry an instrumental kit from CHEMetrics that determines Sulfate levels in water. All of our Sulfate products can be viewed HERE.

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All sensors require a yearly calibration to ensure your gas measurements are accurate and performing within manufacturer standards. This page is desiccated to the individual manufacturers we represent and their specific calibration procedures. 

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Calibration Costs:

Calibration costs do vary, see below to get an estimate: 

Calibration Fee: $150

Analyzer Calibration Fee: $300

PM Calibration Sensor Fee: $330

Genie Calibration Fee: $265

ATI Calibration Fee: $205

** note that prices are subject to change per labor and parts required.

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