SM-1 Ozone Sensor

SM-1  Replacement ozone sensor module for the OEM-1, and OEM-2 Ozone Sensor Boards.  Available in a range of 0.1 ppm.  Precalibrated and ready for use upon delivery.  Just plug into your sensor and dispose of the old sensor.


The SM-1 sensor module is the pre-calibrated replacement sensor used for the OEM-1, and OEM-2 Ozone Meters. 

These sensors are not designed to be calibrated or serviced after getting put in use.  Therefore the sensor is simply replaced with new, and the old sensor is disposed of.  No return policy is required for the old sensor.  The cost of the replacement sensor is only $99.  This low cost is lower than any factory calibration offered by any vendor we are aware of!

The spare sensor module is now only available in one range of 0.1 (part numbers, SM-0.1) The OEM-1 can be used interchangeably with any of previous used sensor ranges.  However, the OEM-2 and OS-3 are built and calibrated for one sensor range, ensure you purchase the right sensor range for your device.

 This sensor is also the replacement sensor for the OS-3 ozone monitorin the OS-4, OS-6 and A-22 Ozone Monitors.  Production of the OS-3 has been discontinued, however we do supply parts and service for these meters as long as it is functional and in working condition.

OS-3 Ozone Detector uses the SM-1 replacement ozone sensor module




EcoSensors Calibration information

General Calibration Information

More Information
Manufacturer Eco Sensors
Call For Price No
Gas Ozone (O3)
Resolution 0.01 ppm
Response Time 1 second
Sensor type Heated Metal Oxide (HMOS)
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 100 deg F
Operational RH Range 0 - 85% RH
Field Replaceable Battery No
Warranty 1 Year
Range 0-0.1, 0-1.0, and 0-10.0 ppm
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