OG-3 Ozone Source Bump Tester

OG-3 Ozone source bump tester is designed to check the calibration of your Eco-Sensors ozone sensor at 0.1 ppm ozone levels.  The OG-3 is a great method to field check your ozone monitor without having to send the sensor in for calibration.  The OG-3 can save you time and money over the long term, while ensuring you are compliant with your safety monitirng requirements.

Ozone Information


The OG-3 Ozone Source is designed for bump calibration, verification, and approximate field calibration of Eco Sensors instruments.

It is available in a 0.1 ppm output level.

The OG-3 uses a small UV lamp to generate ozone gas at precise and consistant levels to check the response of your ozone sensor.    The output of the OG-3 is adjusted in our laboratory by comparison with a NIST traceable standard.

The OG-3 is designed for operation with the following Ecosensors products:








     -Ozone Source: UV lamp

     -Output Ozone Concentration: .1ppm (standard) 

     -Accuracy: 20%

     -Warm-up time: 30 minutes

     -Calibration Time: 3 min

     -Lifetime: 500+ hours

     -Temperature range: 10 to 27 °C (50 to 80 °F)

     -Size: 36 × 95 × 160 mm (1.41 × 3.75 × 6.30 in)

     -Weight: 255 gr (9 oz)

     -Power requirement: 12 VDC at 300 mA

     -Warranty: One year


OG-3 ozone sensor checker

OG-3 Sensor Checker with the A-21ZX Ozone Monitor.  All EcoSensors devices compatible with the OG-3 have a sensor that sticks out of the top of the enlosure slightly.  This sensor will fit snugly in the port of the OG-3.  A small fan with a UV-light will produce ozone gas and diffuser it toward the sensor to create the proper ozone level in the air and at the sensor for calibration purposes.



OG-3 Ozone Source User Instructions

OG-3 Calibration with the UV-100 Ozone Analyzer


EcoSensors Calibration information

General Calibration Information

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Eco Sensors
Call For Price No
Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type A-21ZX, C-30ZX, EZ-1X
Standard Range 0.1 ppm
Sensor Life 500+ hours
Sensor Range

0.1 ppm

Unit Features

0.1 ppm

Range 0.1 ppm
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