Ozone Removes H2S from water

Ozone has recently been implemented in Clearwater, FL for the reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide, (H2S) in drinking water.

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H2S is a common contaminate in both surface and groundwater where high organic content is present.  Ozone can be used to break down H2S into water and sulfide by-products.  This will eliminate the foul smell and taste of H2S in drinking water.

The same results found on this 6.25 million gallon per day plant can be obtained for smaller municipalities, farms, and even homes.  Ozone Generators can produce ozone from ambient air and dissolve that ozone into water to treat H2S and other contaminates in water.

Ozone Injection System
Ozone Water Treatment System

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New point of use Ozone Injection System

A brand new ozone injection system to the market, the OXS-8 and OXS-16.

ozone water system
8 g/hr Ozone Water System

The OXS-8 will produce 8 g/hr of ozone to dissolve in up to 20 GPM of water.  Water flows up to 10 GPM will contain an ozone residual of 2.0 PPM.  Sufficient ozone levels for surface sanitation, most food processing applications, and other point of use (POU) ozone applications.

Review diagram below for complete breakdown of components and operation of the OXS-8 Ozone Water System.

Ozone Water System
OXS-8 Ozone Water System Diagram

The OXS-8 Ozone Water System will produce ozone from oxygen, via the integrated oxygen concentrator.  Ozone will be dissolved into water efficiently using a mazzei injector, dedicated ozone injection pump, and ozone mixing tank.

All components necessary for operation are installed on one convenient skid that is ready to use upon delivery.  Simply plumb water in, water out, and electrical power.

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Ozone used for Hoof Bath in Dairy Farms

Hoof baths are used on dairy farms to treat hoofs of cows.  As cows walk in wet, and poor conditions much of the day it is important to offer a disinfectant to the hoofs to remove diseases.

dairy cow hoof bath

Ozone is dissolved into water at high levels and flows into the hoof bath at a low flow rate.  This new water with high levels of ozone will mix with the water and allow for oxidation of cows hoofs with safe ozone at all times.

Ozone injection systems are used to dissolve high levels of ozone into water.

ozone injection system

A good ozone injection system for this application will produce ozone from oxygen and provide dissolved ozone levels greater than 10 ppm.

ozone water system
8 g/hr Ozone Water System

For information on how ozone can be implemented on your dairy contact our ozone application experts.  

Infection control market a boom for ozone

The infection control market is growing, and as it grows the ozone industry has an opportunity to grow with it.

A recent report released shows the infection control market will grow at a rate of 6.7% per year from 2015 to 2020.  

There is a growing demand for ozone and UV technologies as customers are looking for chemical free alternatives that offer better disinfection than traditional methods.   Ozone can be used with UV or H2O2 to create an Advanced Oxidation Process that is more powerful than any one of these technologies alone.  With the great oxidation potential and the lack of residual ozone is a great disinfectant for infection control.