How to make your own Ozonated Olive Oil – tech tip

Ozonated olive oil is all the craze these days.  I won’t get into the Why of ozonated olive oil here, only the HOW.

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Ozonated olive oil is very simple (in theory) it is only olive oil + ozone.  Take any normal bottle of olive oil, or other similar oil and bubble ozone into that water.  After time this will create ozonated olive oil!  Simple right?   Keep reading…

Ozone is a gas that is only partially soluble into water.  Therefore it will require proper work to get ozone to dissolve into a liquid.  This is why when you bubble ozone into liquid you smell so much ozone above that liquid, most of the ozone is escaping.  For more information about ozone solubility, follow this link.

Other great tips on how to more efficiently create ozonated olive oil.

  • Always use ozone produced from oxygen.
    • Air fed ozone generators can introduce impurities
    • oxygen is more soluble into liquid that air
    • ozone produced from oxygen will be higher concentration (increased solubility)
  • Use an ozone generator that produces the highest concentration of ozone
  • Keep your ozonated olive oil cool, but not too cold
  • Use the tallest column possible to bubble ozone into your oil
  • Use the smallest pore diffuser possible to bubble ozone into your oil
    • smaller bubbles have greater surface area and will dissolve easier
  • Keep it running 24/7
    • Keep ozone concentration as high as possible, don’t give it a break, that only slows things down
  • Use glass containers to reduce impurities

See sample set-up below:

ozone olive oil in production
How to create ozonated olive oil

Necessary components:

  • Oxygen Source – we show an oxygen bottle, however an oxygen concentrator will be more cost effective long term.  And much more convenient.
  • Ozone Generator – Choose an ozone generator capable of producing high concentrations of ozone from oxygen.  Our pictures shows the smallest ozone generator we would recommend.
  • Reaction Vessel – use a reaction vessel made of glass that is as tall as possible.  Ensure it is sealed and vents excess gas to a safe location.  Use a bubble diffuser at the bottom with fine pores to create small bubbles.

A successful batch of ozonated olive oil should take only 24 – 72 hours to produce.  Ideally 24 – 48 hours.  More time allows more impurities to enter the system.

Should you have any questions about this ozone application or any others feel free to contact our staff today, we would be glad to discuss this with you.


Tech Tip – How to dissolve ozone into water – solubility

Ozone is commonly dissolved into water for water treatment, or for water to carry ozone for other jobs like sanitizing surfaces or produce.  In fact, many of the applications of ozone require ozone to be dissolved into water.

Ozone is normally produced as a gas from oxygen in air, or concentrated oxygen.  That gas must then be dissolved into water.  As ozone is partially soluble into water it is possible to dissolve ozone into water but does require the proper equipment to be efficient.

As producing ozone requires equipment and electricity, there is a cost for every gram of ozone produced.  Therefore, there is value tin ensuring every gram possible is dissolved efficiently into water with as few losses as possible.

How easily ozone dissolves into water is based on the solubility of ozone into water.  Learn more about ozone solubility here.

The solubility of ozone into water is the ratio of ozone that will dissolve into water, and the overall capacity to dissolve ozone into water.  The solubility of ozone into water is based on Water Temperature, Ozone Concentration, and Water Pressure.  See image below for a visual example of how ozone concentration and temperature affect ozone solubility.

Ozone dissolves into water based on solubility
Ozone Solubility into water based on water temperature and ozone concentration

The chart above shows the maximum ozone concentration in water possible for a given water temperature and ozone concentration.  The higher the max ozone concentration, the easier it will be to dissolve ozone into water.  The lower the max concentration (solubility) the harder it will be to dissolve ozone into water as the excess ozone will simply off-gas and be wasted.

See this information in chart form:

chart of ozone solubilty into water
Chart of ozone solubility based on water temp and ozone concencentration

Pressure also affects ozone solubility.  Increased water pressure will push ozone gas into the water more efficiently.  This is a linear affect, more pressure =  higher solubility factors.  See chart below for visual example.

how water pressure affects ozone solubility
Ozone Solubility based on water pressure


  • Higher ozone concentrations = higher dissolved ozone levels in water
    • ozone generators that produce ozone at higher concentrations will dissolve ozone into water more efficiently than those that produce the same amount of ozone at a lower concentrations
    • ozone production in g/hr is not as important as concentration
    • Look for higher % by weight, or g/m3 numbers
  • Lower water temperatures = higher dissolved ozone levels in water
    • Colder water dissolves ozone easier
    • adding ice cubes to small volumes of water will increase dissolved ozone levels
  • Higher water pressure = higher dissolved ozone levels in water
    • If bubbling ozone into water use taller columns, the water at the bottom of the column (where the diffuser is) will be under higher pressures
    • when using venturi systems ensure the contact tank is under some pressure.

Learn more about ozone solubility and how you can apply this information to your application at the link below:

Ozone Solubility into water

Ozone Therapy used in veterinary clinic

Woodside Animal Clinic Adds Ozone Therapy to Treatment Options    

| Source:Woodside Animal Hospital

ROYAL OAK, Mich., July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, Michigan is pleased to announce the addition of ozone therapy to its list of veterinary and holistic services. Ozone therapy offers promising treatment options for a wide range of health conditions that impact household pets, including birds, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, rodents and ferrets. Ozone therapy was developed in Germany and has been used by veterinarians for more than 30 years. It is currently practiced by both physicians and veterinarians in Germany, France, England, and Canada as well as in 14 U.S. states.

Dr. John Simon of Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, Michigan, believes offering ozone therapy is a great way to use the power of nature to heal many conditions that are common to household pets. “Ozone therapy,” says Dr. Simon, “is arguably the most powerful detoxification therapy available today. Using it on pets allows their immune systems to function more effectively in order to protect them against many diseases.”

Ozone therapy works to protect against fungal, bacterial and viral infections as well as to treat many diseases that are common among pets. It also offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects thereby reducing pain and alleviating discomfort. Its ability to stimulate the immune system is very important when it comes to treating infectious diseases and cancer. Among the key benefits of ozone therapy is the way it works. It detoxifies the body by adding oxygen while removing various toxins from the body. “Since a lack of oxygen on a cellular level is one of the key conditions for the formation of cancer, it can be argued that ozone therapy helps to create an atmosphere that is hostile for the growth of cancer in the body,” says Dr. Simon. Ozone therapy further aids in the body’s resistance to cancer by increasing the production of antioxidants in the animal’s body. These antioxidants latch on to free radicals in the body rendering them harmless and creating an environment that is patently unfavorable for the formation and/or growth of cancer.

This type of therapy can help treat a wide range of conditions, including: respiratory diseases, feline leukemia, canine malignant lymphoma, fungal infections, allergies, skin infections, infected wounds, ear infections, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease.

Treatment with ozone therapy is safe because the animals themselves indicate if they are getting too much ozone by coughing, during treatment. Pet owners interested in setting up a holistic consult pertaining to ozone therapy should call for an appointment at (248) 545-6630.

About Woodside Animal Clinic

Located on Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan, Woodside Animal Clinic offers medical and holistic treatments for pets. Among the treatments offered are laser therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, cryotherapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, wellness care, dental care, surgery for dogs and cats, pet vaccinations, diagnostic services and treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.


Ozone Generators like the 1KNT are perfect for this application:

Enaly 1KNT-24
1KNT ozone generator produces clean ozone from oxygen

Ozone as a replacement for Chlorine in Pools

There are more reasons than ever to replace chlorine with ozone in swimming pools.  A recent study has linked chlorine in pools to children’s asthma.  See article below for story:

Chlorine Has Been Linked to Children’s Asthma

Get clued up on the health problems that can be caused by swimming in a chlorine pool.

Having a dip in a pool is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. However maybe you shouldn’t make it a regular thing as health experts have warned about the problems stemming from being submerged in chlorine.

Chemical analyst and forensic toxicologist Dr Nitin Seetohul, of Nottingham Trent University, explains to MailOnline that chlorine is beneficial when destroying water-borne bacteria and has been linked to wiping out illnesses such as typhoid and cholera in more developed countries. At low levels in drinking water (the recommended content it one part of a million) it is helpful, but when adding two to five parts in order to keep swimming pool water clean, the trouble begins.

Chlorine was linked to children’s asthma in a 2008 Belgian study published in the European Respiratory Journal. The research found that kids who swam once a week in a pool were more likely to be asthmatic than those who had never taken a dip in a chlorinated pool. Youngsters are believed to be more at risk due to splashing about and ingesting more water. They’re also more likely to spend longer in a pool than adults.

“Although more research is needed, it is thought that chlorine and its by-products, when inhaled or swallowed, can attack the cellular barriers in the lungs that protect them from allergens,” Dr Andrew Wright, professor of dermatology at the University of Bradford, said.

Chlorine has shown other worrying results, with Dr Wright revealing that last month alone 33 people visiting the Wild Duck Holiday Park near Great Yarmouth in England were admitted to hospital after accidental chlorine overdose. This resulted in vomiting, struggling to breathe and eyes streaming.

Dr Wright believes other methods of keeping pools clean should be taken up, such as ozone filtration. This is when oxygen in the form of ozone gas is pumped through the water before it’s filtered.

“It’s these toxic by-products [chloramines] that give off that tell-tale ‘bleach’ smell we associate with swimming pools and cause problems,” Dr Wright noted, adding that when the by-products are combined with debris found in pools, like skin particles and body oils, problems can occur. 

He recommends washing chlorine out as soon as you exit the pool to lower chances of health problems.


Ozone use in pools is common.  Not only does ozone improve pool safety, but it is more enjoyable also.  Ozone has no smell to the water, and does not bleach hair and clothing.

Ozone systems can easily be implemented on existing pools or new construction.  Controlling ozone levels is easy, at least easier than complicated chlorine test kits.

We can provide turnkey ozone injection systems for this application:

OXS Ozone Injection System
OXS Ozone Injection System can be used for swimming pool water
AOS Ozone Injection System for swimming pool water treatment
AOS Ozone System can be used for pool water treatment

Ozone still a viable plan for drinking water

Ozone has long been used to treat drinking water on large and small scale applications.  As the technology becomes more proven over time, it is clear the ozone industry is staying around for the long term.

Recently the community of Emporia City voted to replace their 20 year old ozone system with a brand new ozone system at a cost of $2.6 Million.  Read more about this below:

City Commission approves Ozone replacement equipment request

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2015 9:15 am | Updated: 9:58 am, Thu Jul 2, 2015.

The Emporia City Commission approved a request authorizing the Public Works Department to proceed with an Ozone Equipment purchase Wednesday afternoon during an active session.

The current equipment at the Water Treatment Plant uses atmospheric air and bubble diffusers and was installed in 1995, with an expected life of 15 to 20 years.

The Ozone equipment and process is the primary disinfection action at the Water Treatment Plant.

“We are replacing a piece of equipment that disinfects our water,” said Mayor Danny Giefer. “Our equipment now is out of date and we need to replace it.”

In the next few months, a qualified contractor will be chosen to install the equipment, which is slated to be completed in 2016, with a project construction cost estimate of $2.6 million.

Assistant City Manager Jim Witt said it was time to replace the old equipment.

“The equipment now is 20-plus years old,” Witt said. “LIke all equipment, parts become the issue. We pride ourselves on quality water and this is the way we can continue to ensure that quality of our water. The amount of $2.6 million is a tremendous amount of money, but it’s the way to go. Ozone replacement is shown to be an effective way to treat and purify water. We have a very efficient timeline and are hoping by the end of 2016, the equipment is all in and we won’t have to worry about it for another 15 to 20 years.”

Read full story HERE

Ozone Leak Detection – Tech Tip

If you have spent any time around ozone systems, you know a part of maintenance is finding, and fixing, ozone leaks.

There is not much that is more frustrating than finding leaks from a gas that you cannot see, should not breathe/smell, and you become acclimated over time.  Trust me, I know, I’ve tried….

The best advice I can give is, find a good ozone detector.  Not some wall mount ozone monitor, or slow responding handheld, but small compact, fast responding ozone detector.  We have 2 great suggestions for you.

The A-21ZX is a great handheld ozone monitor.  The low cost makes it affordable and the fast response makes it a great ozone sensor.

A-21ZX Ozone Leak Detector with carry case
A-21ZX Ozone Detector – $679

What Makes the A-21 a Great Leak Sensor:

  • Fast response to ozone
  • Durable and includes carry case for on-site reliability
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Accessible sensor to get close to the source of the leak
  • Simple operation
  • Compact size
  • High range sensor (0-10.0 ppm) will not over-range easily
A-21ZX Ozone detector comes with handy carry case
A-21ZX Handy Belt Clip and Carry Case
A-21ZX Compact size is a great leak detector
A-21ZX Searching for Leaks














The C16 is a powerful and Fast Ozone Leak Detector. 

C16 PortaSense Ozone Leak Sniffer
C16 Ozone Leak Sniffer – $1,450

What Makes the C16 a Great Leak Sensor:

  • Built in sample pump pulls sample gas to the sensor
  • Fast response to ozone
  • Pinpoint accuracy with snout to find precise location of leak
  • Full featured device – data logging, alarms, interchangeable sensors
  • Includes full size carry case for carrying to job site safely
  • High range sensor (0-20.0 ppm) will not over-range easily


Using an ozone sensor like these is a great way to find the location of an ozone leak to make repairs.  When the ozone level in the room rises to unsafe levels you will know, and you can leave the room.  Here are some other tips.

  • Turn the ozone generator output as low as possible – try to have a little ozone leaking, keep it safe.
  • Work slowly, move along pipes and all potential leak points slowly
  • Start at the Ozone Generator and work away
  • When you find the leak area, grab a bottle of soapy water and spray on the suspect area.  Bubbles will form at the leak point.  This will show exact location of leak to be repaired
  • Remember the human olfactory system acclimates to ozone over time.  Keep the sensor, and when the ozone level is above 0.3 ppm, leave the room.
  • Ozone clings to surfaces, does not fluidly fill the room.  Work slowly, keep checking for the TRUE source of the leak.
  • Be patient.

Don’t get sucked into gimmicks like Snoop, or Potassium Iodine.  Ozone leak sensors and soapy water are the only tools you need, and the only tools that work every single time.

Call with questions, we love to help, and trust me, we’ve been there!

Prevent CO Poisoning on Boats

Recent news articles have brought our attention to the potential hazards of CO Poisoning on boats.  While this is something we know could happen we did not realize how prevalent and dangerous this could be until a customer called this week, concerned about the safety of the skiers on his boat.

New Articles linked below:


A simple CO Monitor could have saved many, if not all of these lives and prevented injury.

Pocket CO Monitor for personnal safety
Pocket CO Monitor Model 300 – $135
GasAlert Extreme CO (GAXT-M-DL)
GasAlert Extreme CO Monitor – $275










There Are CO Monitors installed in the cabin of many larger boats.  However, smaller vessels have none, and the outdoor ski area of boats is unprotected.  This is where Sarah Pool, of Texas was when she was overcome with Carbon Monoxide.  As she was watching other skiers and enjoying the summer on the ski platform of a smaller vessel, she was slowly and silently overcome with Carbon Monoxide.  As she had no life-jacket on when she did pass out and fall in the water, she was unable to yell for help, or help herself.

Image Credit: Screen Shot/ KXAN

A simple and low cost, handheld CO monitor may have saved her live.  Using these portable, yet rugged CO monitors could alert of danger and be the difference between a catastrophic weekend and a great weekend out on the water.

Should you have any questions on CO monitors and safety, please call our gas sensor experts at Gas Sensing today.

Ozone Chamber for Safe Ozone Use

Introducing the Ozone Chamber for safe ozone use.  This is a great device that can be used at home, or in your lab to harness the power of ozone without ozone escaping into the ambient air.

Ozone chamber with scrubbers and diffusers
Ozone Chamber – $99.50

The Ozone Chamber comes with an ozone scrubber to place on the off-gas vent that will destroy all off-gassed ozone from your application.  Tubing and a diffuser are used to bubble ozone in the bottom of the liquid or other substance.  We provide the Ozone Chamber with a spare scrubber and diffuser.


The Ozone Chamber can be used with the OXS-300 Ozone Generator to easily apply ozone to fruits, vegetables, and produce you may have.  Using ozone in food products will prolong  the shelf life of foods, and reduce bacteria, pathogens and pesticides.

Treat fruit with Ozone using the Ozone Chamber and Ozone Generator

How to use:

Open the top of the Ozone Chamber using the handles.  Place produce and water into the chamber.  Ozone will dissolve into the water and help kill all bacteria that the water touches.  This activated water is a powerful pathogen killer.


The Ozone Chamber can also be used to safely ozonate water for drinking or for washing other items.

Image shows the larger 1KNT Ozone Generator used with oxygen to create high levels of dissolved ozone in water safely.

Create your Own Ozonated Olive Oil using the Ozone Chamber and an ozone generator.  Place the olive oil in the chamber and ozonate for as long as you need, without the risk of excess ozone off-gassing into room or ambient air!

Common Uses for the Ozone Chamber:

  • Sanitize Fruits and Vegetables
  • Remove mold from Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ozonate water for drinking
  • Treat water with high levels of ozone for sanitation
  • Production of Ozonated Olive Oil
  • Material compatibility testing with ozone
  • Chemical Synthisis
  • Laboratory Experiments with ozone

New Lab Ozone Generator – 1KNT

The newly updated 1KNT Ozone Generator is a great small lab, or small scale ozone generator.  Produces up to 1.5 g/hr ozone from oxygen.

Enaly 1KNT-24
1KNT Ozone Generator – 1.5 g/hr ozone production

The 1KNT Ozone Generator can produce ozone from either dry air or oxygen, with max ozone production of 1.5 g/hr ozone.

This is a great ozone generator for bench testing in a lab, home uses, or small industrial applications.  The 1KNT operates off 12 VDC power, but includes a power adapter for power.  The 12 VDC power allows for use while camping, or off-the-grid if necessary.  This is an extremely flexible ozone generator for a wide variety of applications.

Enaly 1KNT back
Rear view of 1KNT ozone generator

For more info, pricing or to buy online see our webpage on the 1KNT ozone generator.

Ozone used in Oasis Spa

Ozone gas has many great applications, and potential applications.  read story HERE, and below for a spa that uses ozone for skin treatment.

Rejuvenate yourself with Oasis

After a long week, what better way to relax and unwind than with a refreshing facial or spa treatment.

Rejuvenate yourself with Oasis

Oasis Spa, a new spa which has just opened up in Cherng Talay, concentrates on the essence of healing and recovery using various methods.

Each customer receives their own private consultation where they can choose which treatment they would like to have. The team of experienced and friendly staff will then choose the desired package from the menu to ensure the customer is happy.

The Phuket News recently went to check out the spa’s menu which includes many varied and unique treatments, including using cold steam for cooling down the skin, ultra sonic treatment to improve cell metabolism, steaming with hot ozone to open the skin pores, as well as many more.

This spa is different to most around Phuket as they tailor towards cleansing the face, rather than massages and nails etc. Most of the treatments last around an hour or more, but the customer can request the consultant to spend extra time on any pressure points, injuries etc.

The basic package includes removing makeup, application of coconut oil to smooth the skin, steaming the face with hot ozone to open the skin pores, facial soft scrub and cleansing, application of skin type mask and cream, using cold steam to cool down the skin, application of a special cream to relax the skin after treatment, as well as application of light makeup.

Other packages include sonic treatment, high frequency treatment for skin rejuvenation, vacuum mashing, and anti-wrinkle treatment. The customer can lay there and relax, while they have their hands and arms massaged.

Whatever the customer needs, they are guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.