Introducing: EnozoWash

The EnozoWash

The EnozoWASH is an industrial spray washer developed by Ozone experts that utilizes Enozo’s patented Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology™ (ADEPT) to create a sustainable, easy-to-use low-concentration ozone sanitizer from water in water.  The EnozoWASH is ideal for use on large areas and surfaces including floors, walls, outdoor spaces, plants and produce. The EnozoWASH helps the user avoid the purchase of several different cleaners and sanitizers, and since the EnozoWASH can be connected to standard hoses and clean water sources, there is no need to purchase special attachments. It requires no additional filters, no so-called stabilizers or other expensive consumables. The versatile EnozoWASH sanitizing sprayer can be used as either a hand-held sprayer or incorporated into an integrated cleaning system. The EnozoWASH produces a low-concentration ozone cleaner and sanitizer so evacuation of a designated area before or after spraying the ozonated water is not necessary.

Key Product Features

The EnozoWash is the newest and most innovative product when it comes to environmentally friendly sterilization from Enozo. By combining Ozone with water in water, the EnozoWash is great for applications where a large surface area needs to be disinfected. This product uses a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of over 500 full-charges. EnozoWash also runs with a one touch/hold button and a lightweight handle to optimize ease-of-use for you. Along with enhanced usability, LED lights are used to clearly display sprayer function and show updates on charging progress. The electrolytic cell inside the EnozoWASH is created from a proprietary diamond process technology and generates ozone on-demand in water. This proprietary process allows the EnozoWash to produce a .3-1.5 ppm flow of managed ozone. 

Typical Applications


-Delivery Trucks


-Movie Theaters


Product Specifications

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