Ozone Badges for Safety

For those short term applications we have starting carrying the SafeAir Ozone Badge for ozone detection.

Ozone detector card
Ozone SafeAir Badge – 382004-50

These ozone badges are used for worker safety in environments that may have elevated ozone levels.  Time weighted badges are used for intervals between 15 minutes and 48 hours (depending upon ozone levels).  As Osha regulates ozone exposure based on a a TWA (time weighted average) these badges are the perfect solution for short term worker safety.

Ozone badge for o3 detection
Ozone detector card

The SafeAir ozone badge is a monitoring system designed to indicate the presence of ozone at concentrations at the permissible exposure limit. The SafeAir ozone badge detects the presence of ozone by forming a color change in the shape of an triangle with an exclamation mark inside. This indication is produced by a color-forming reaction which occurs when ozone reacts with a flat indicator layer.


We have found many interesting applications for these badges.  Should you have an issue with other gasses that are cross-sensitive causing your HMOS, or electrochemical ozone sensor to provide inaccurate readings of ozone, the ozone badge can verify or at least ensure your workers are indeed safe.

We used these badges on a groundwater remediation site where in-situ ozone sparge wells were installed on the property of a personal residence.  The owner of the residence was concerned with ozone levels above ground.  At no time on-site was the operators of the ozone system able to detect ozone.  Placing an ozone badge on the front door of the residence daily proved that ozone levels were not unsafe, and were not occurring during evening hours.  This was a low cost way of ensuring human safety and resolving a PR issue.

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