Ozone generator can purify wastewater

Ozoniers.com, a brand of Qingdao Danjia Machinery, has launched a new patented ozone generator for the disinfection, purification and sterilization of wastewater.

The Ozonator ozone generation system is an easy-to-install ozone generation system that can supply high-quality oxygen and produce high-chroma ozone. The system comes with an auto-timer and can reportedly function without little or no human manual control.


2 thoughts on “Ozone generator can purify wastewater

  1. Please tell us if you believe this type system could reduced our BOD in our waste water discharge? we’re a food manufacturer who produces salad dressings & BBQ sauces, we run a skimmer with sodium hydroxide injection and currently discharge a BOD load of 1393 pounds per day in 570900/7.48/100 CF of water. If we were to inject ozone into our aerator would it reduce this BOD level and what would it cost to do so? please let us know, Thanks

    1. Charles,
      Ozone can be used for BOD reduction, however, it is challenging to know if ozone is practical without actual bench testing of your specific water. As BOD is a generic term and can be made up of many different biological compounds there is a wide variety of ozone dosages required.
      My suggestion in applications such as these is to use a rental or low-cost ozone generator and perform some bench testing on your water with ozone. Bubble ozone into water at various times to simulate various ozone dosage rates into water. Send samples to a lab to determine the effectiveness of ozone. Based on treatment times an ozone dosage rate can be determined and evaluated for cost-effectiveness.

      The HTU-500 is a great low-cost ozone generator that can be used for labscale testing:

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