The HTU-500 Ozone Generator provides pure ozone by means of a double quartz dielectric allowing oxygen and ozone to contact only Kynar, Teflon, and Quartz materials.  At no time does oxygen or ozone come in contact with any metal surfaces. 

1 g/hr ozone output from only 0.75 LPM oxygen.

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The HTU-500 Ozone Generator is a reliable, industrial quality ozone generator in a compact size.  Great for lab, or small industrial applications.  Using the double quartz dielectric technology pure ozone is produced with no contamination.  Oxygen and ozone gas come in contact with only Kynar, Teflon, and Quartz materials inside the HTU-500 Ozone Generator.

1 g/hr ozone output from only 0.75 LPM oxygen

The HTU-500 comes with a 10-position switch for adjustment of ozone output.  Ozone inlet and outlet are 1/8" Female NPT connections with included Kynar barbed fittings to allow the use of 1/4" ID tubing.  Any fittings of the customers choosing can be threaded into the 1/8" Female NPT connections.  A powder coated aluminum chassis houses the ozone generator for long term reliability and ruggedness.


Key Features:

     -Double Quartz Dielectric - pure ozone production

     -Very flexible design can accommodate most operation modes

     -Produce ozone from dry air or oxygen

     -Integrated 10-position switch to adjust ozone output

     -Can operate under vacuum or pressure

     -Wall mount, or bench-mount

     -Detachable power cord

     -Easy to install and operate

     -Powder coated Al. cabinet

Adjustable ozone output shown on the HTU-500 ozone generator

Adjustable Ozone Output

The HTU-500 uses an adjustable ozone output dial shown in the image above. This will allow setting the ozone output from 0-100% in 10% increments with detent settings for each position.  This allows a firm set-point that can be used to maintain consistent ozone output for your application.

The ozone generator performance chart shown below shows the actual ozone output at various flow rates for each ozone set-point.  This will give the user comfort in knowing exactly what the ozone production is during operation based on flow and setting on this dial.


Circuit Protection

The HTU-500 uses a sophisticated power inverter board that will protect the corona cell and/or transformer against failure. In the event, the corona cell does become contaminated with moisture, or dust the inverter will turn OFF ozone production immediately to protect against damage. Every 6 seconds this inverter will attempt to produce ozone and will restart automatically when conditions improve. While we hope our customers never flood, or contaminated the ozone generator corona cell, we know this is a possibility, this circuit protection will prevent potentially costly repairs.


Double Quartz Corona Cell

The HTU-500 uses double quartz corona cell technology.  The corona cell used in the HTU-500 is made of true quartz.  See image below for example.  The oxygen gas is plumbed inside the ozone generator via Teflon tubing.  This oxygen will pass into the quartz corona cell and touch only quartz materials.  The stainless steel electrode and cathode are placed on the outside and inside the quartz tube.  The oxygen/ozone gas never touch any metal materials.

Double quartz corona cell                          End of HTU-500 Double Quartz dielectric

This double quartz design will completely eliminate leaks in the corona cell.  This also dramatically increase the reliability of the corona cell.  As the corona cell dielectric and construction are true quartz, not glass, they are rigid and strong, yet also completely impervious to ozone. 

The DG series of ozone generators will produce the purest possible ozone, yet offer the best reliability in any corona cell design.



Dry Air:

The HTU-500 can produce ozone from dry air under pressure or vacuum.  Ozone output is about 50% of that of output on oxygen.  The optional air pump can be added to pull air through the HTU-500 at a rate of 3-4 LPM.


The HTU-500 can produce ozone from oxygen at up to 10 PSI of pressure.  Pure ozone is produced with no contaminates as the oxygen and ozone gasses never come in contact with stainless steel or any metals of any type. 

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

  O2 Flow   
O3 Concentration      O3 Production 
0.05 LPM 70 g/m3 0.21 g/hr
0.075 LPM 69 g/m3 0.31 g/hr
0.1 LPM  56 g/m3  0.40 g/hr 
0.15 LPM  45.2 g/m3  0.41 g/hr 
0.20 LPM  41.1 g/m3  0.50 g/hr 
0.25 LPM  38.9 g/m3  0.58 g/hr 
0.35 LPM  35.0 g/m3  0.74 g/hr 
0.50 LPM  29.9 g/m3  0.90 g/hr 
0.75 LPM  23.8 g/m3  1.07 g/hr 
1.0 LPM 18.3 g/m3 1.10 g/hr
1.5 LPM 13.8 g/m3 1.24 g/hr
2.0 LPM 10.6 g/m3 1.27 g/hr
2.5 LPM 9.1 g/m3 1.37 g/hr
3.0 LPM 8.1 g/m3 1.46 g/hr
4.0 LPM 6.2 g/m3 1.49 g/hr


*Click on images below to see complete performance data for the HTU-500 ozone generator

HTU-500 Performance Chart showing maximum ozone production only

HTU-500 ozone generator performance chart


HTU-500 Performance Chart showing each ozone output set-point production.

HTU-500 ozone generator output graph

Performance charts shown were created with an IN-USA ozone analyzer.  The accuracy of the ozone analyzer is questionable at flow-rates below 0.15 LPM due to the method of ozone detection used by ozone analyzers.  Values recorded were as reported.  Ozone generator was operated for at least 1 hour prior to test to warm-up corona cell.  Higher ozone concentration values would be possible with shorter run-times.  


Internal Air Pump FAQ:

   What's the purpose of the air pump?

        -The air pump can be added to pull air through the HTU-500 at a rate of 3-4 LPM.

   Does the air pump require additional accessories?

        -There are no additional accessories that are required for the air pump.

   What are common applications for the air pump?

        -The optional air pump allows you to use ambient air instead of needing to supply the unit with oxygen. Any application where you don't have oxygen on-hand could benefit from the internal air pump.

   Can an oxygen tank be used with the air pump?

        -No, if the pump is installed then the unit is set up to only run from ambient air and oxygen cannot be supplied.

   Are there disadvantages?

        -A large disadvantage is the lack of good, clean, dry air or oxygen. Over time, the ozone generator cell will become contaminated using the internal air pump. The air pump should only be considered if no other feasible options are available. 



DG Series Brochure

HTU-500 Manual


Common Applications:

  • Ozonated olive oil production - can produce pure ozonated olive oil with no impurities!
  • Lab Applications - consistent ozone production at relatively high ozone concentrations
  • Pilot testing
  • Dental offices
  • Aquarium or small aquaculture application
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Odor Removal
  • Spa water treatment
  • Swimming pools
  • Small cooling towers


Review from Oxidation Tech

The HTU-500 ozone generator is a great value in ozone generators.  This machine offers the quality and reliability of industrial ozone generators at a price-point that is comparable to foreign made "disposable" ozone generators.  The ozone production of the HTU-500 is great at flow rates below 2 LPM, so for small ozone applications, this is the best value in ozone generators on the market.  Add to this fact this ozone generator is built with all high-quality replaceable parts, this could be the last ozone generator you ever need to purchase.  This unit can be repaired and serviced for perpetuity, this is not a quality available from any other machine at this price point.


HTU-500 Ozone Generator Overview


HTU-500 Ozone Generator used with the PRO-5 Oxygen Concentrator

More Information
Quickbooks Stock Level 6.000000
Call For Price No
Feed Gas O2 or Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 1 LPM oxygen
Operating Pressure 5 PSI
Max Pressure 5 PSI
Manufacturer Azco
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Corona Cell Double Quartz
Gas Connections 1/4" barbed fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4" x 7" x 15"
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % 3% - 5%
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 120 watts
Lead Time 2-Weeks
Warranty 2 Year
Country of Origin Canada
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 15-inch height x 7-inch width x 4 -inch depth Generator Weight: 8 lb
Ozone Output

1.0 g/hr ozone from oxygen

1.1 g/hr ozone from 1.3 LPM oxygen @ 1.3% by weight

Unit Features

- Double Quartz Technology produces pure ozone

- Adjustable Ozone Output 

- Oxidation Technologies can repair and upgrade these in-house

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