Ozone trial for water main disinfection in Australia

Ozone use for water main disinfection is possible, but has not caught on large scale here in the USA quite yet.  Article below is a great example of an ozone trial that could grow the use of ozone use for water main disinfection in Australia, and hopefully more the world.

Reducing chlorine and chemical use worldwide is imperative for water quality and energy savings long term.

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Unitywater first in Queensland to trial ozone water main disinfection

Unitywater is the first water utility in Queensland to trial ozone disinfection technology in water pipelines.
Ozone disinfection sterilises water quickly and breaks down rapidly into harmless oxygen.
The technique involves using ozone gas to inactivate bacteria and disinfect water mains. The ozone is pumped from a portable trailer unit, which can be placed on site where needed.
Acting Executive Manager Infrastructure Services Division Michael O’Toole said Unitywater was partnering with Grenof Water Technologies to conduct the trial.
“To ensure public health is protected, water utilities are required to disinfect new water mains before putting them into service,” Mr O’Toole said.
“Traditionally Unitywater has used a process of chlorination to conduct this important disinfection.
“Ozone is another option for us to consider as it is cost-effective, reliable, environmentally friendly and easy to use.
“It also has the added benefit of sterilising mains quickly, thereby reducing delays for the development industry whenever new water main connections are required.
“We are looking forward to the results of the trial.”
Unitywater’s laboratory services staff will be testing water samples as part of the trial, while the ozone trailer itself also monitors water quality to ensure drinking water standards are met.

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