Ozone use for Food Waste Disposal

EnviroPure announces optional ozone recirculation addition for food waste disposal systems

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. — EnviroPure Systems Inc., a T&S company, announced it has introduced an ozone recirculation system as an optional addition to its on-site organic food waste disposal systems, according to a press release.

Eliminating the need to add fresh water during EnviroPure’s digestion process, the recirculation system relies instead on water naturally extracted from food waste as it processes through the system, stated the release.

In 24 hours, EnviroPure breaks down food waste through a combination of aerobic decomposition and mechanical processing, with the end result being a safe, graywater byproduct “that meets, and often surpasses, municipal wastewater requirements,” reported the release.

The graywater is then treated with ozone and recirculated in the bubbler tank until further needed in the digestion process, and any excess water will be streamed into the graywater effluent for use or disposal in irrigation, noted the release.

“With a typical schedule of grinding food waste ten times a day, a foodservice operation could expect to save about 400 gallons of water daily,” said EnviroPure President Jim Slanina. “That’s a significant amount of water so, from a sustainability standpoint, the ozone system has tremendous appeal. And from a cost standpoint, saving water saves energy as well, so this is a win-win benefit all around.”


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