Study bolsters Dow safety system for processors

Dow Microbial Control has released field study findings that validate its Advanced Oxidation System Certified technology for pathogen control in food processing facilities.Using air and water, the AOS Certified Whole Room Sanitization creates ozone vapor on-demand and fills rooms with a non-condensing ozone humidity, according to a news release.

Ozone sanitization qualities make the system capable of infiltrating difficult-to-reach areas of a facility, including drains and hidden equipment regions and provide food manufacturers with more protection against pathogens, according to the release.

Three recent studies have validated the product’s ability to control harmful pathogens, including listeria, E. coli and lactobacillus.

During a field trial in a smoked fish packaging facility, the treatments reduced the rate of listeria positives on environmental surfaces from 12% to 0.4% and lowered lactobacillus and E. coli inoculated on agar plates in two other laboratory studies, according to the release.

The process works with wet or dry facilities and because of ozone vapor, no chemical purchases are required, according to the release.

Dow Microbial, a unit of Dow Chemical Co., monitors and certifies every treatment via standardized reports and data for audit purposes, according to the release.

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