UV-1 OEM Ozone Analyzer

UV Ozone Photometer OEM Module

The Aeroqual UV-1 Ozone Photometer Module is designed for measurement and control of ozone in the range 0-200 ppm using a single beam UV photometer. It has a folded metal enclosure designed to be built into an ozone treatment system. The UV- 1 offers advanced monitoring and control.

Most ozone measuring devices used industrially today are based on electrochemical, or Heated Metal Oxide (HMOS) sensor technologies.  While these are reliable, and easy to use, they are also cross-sensitive to many other gasses in the atmosphere or industrial settings.  Due to the UV light used in a UV Analyzer there is no cross sensitivity to these gasses.

UV-1 Ozone Analyzer
UV-1 Ozone Photometer – $2,890


  • Wide ozone measurement range 0-200 ppm ozone measurement range
  • Minimal sensitivities to other gasses.
  • Capable of remote sampling due to integrated pump
  • UV technology for improve measurement accuracy and stability
  • Designed for integration into existing ozone treatment system

UV-1 Ozone Photometer Aeroqual


  • Ozone generator control in:
    • Cold storage applications where ethylene gas is present
    • Odor control applications where gasses are oxidized by ozone
    • Air treatment applications where ozone control is critical
  • Air purification systems
  • Integration Module
  • Ozone leak detection


  • Wide measurement range of ozone (0-200 ppm)
  • Single-beam UV photometer
  • Pump sampling via PTFE tubing (e.g. monitoring outside of a room or duct)
  • Digital RS485 output (2 wire) or RS232
  • Custom configuration upon request

UV-1 OEM Ozone Analyzer



 UV based ozone analyzer

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