The Roving Blue OZO-pod uses the power of ozone to purify large quantities of water to be used for cooking or cleaning. Approved by the FDA and USDA, this compact and versatile tool is able to bring 5 gallons of water up to 1ppm ozone concentration within minutes. The OZO-pod uses an advanced oxidation method that involves making ozone out of water instead of air meaning there are no air pumps or stones and no moving parts to wear out or become obstructed. This also means that ozone is not released into the air where it could be potentially dangerous to breathe. With a stainless steel exterior, this rugged yet elegant tool can hold up to years of indoor and outdoor use.

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Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer available that can be safely used to treat water. It has been recognized by the FDA and the USDA as a safe antimicrobial agent and is approved for use in water purification and food processing. Within minutes of its creation ozone reverts back to oxygen making it safer both to you and to the environment.

Ozone has more than a 99.9% pathogen kill rate and is a reliable disinfectant, an iron and manganese reducer, a hydrogen sulfide remover, and a taste and odor neutralizer. More powerful than chlorine, ozone is effective against bacteria, viruses, typhoid fever, coliform, dysentery, cholera, infectious jaundice, hepatitis, influenza virus, e-Coli, enteric and other dangerous microorganisms. It can also be used to treat difficult pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium and is able to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes and halo acetic acids. Ozone can even break down harmful long-chain molecules such as those found in herbicides and pesticides.

Ozone treatment has been a long-accepted and proven method of drinking water purification. It is already used in municipal water treatment plants, water bottling companies, hospitals, and hotels. The latest in ozone technology finally puts this powerful purifier in your hands.

Simply submerge the Ozo-Pod® into a container of water and, within minutes, up to five gallons of water will be brought to an ozone concentration of 1 ppm. At this level it is lethal to almost any harmful microbe, as well as the long-chain molecules found in herbicides and pesticides. Once your water is ozonated, you can use it to:

- Clean dirty and smelly sponges

- Clean fruits and vegetables

- Sanitize the garbage disposal and sinks

- Neutralize odors from dirty gear

- Clean surfaces in hotel rooms or other locations

How Ozone Can Be Used:

The OZO-pod was designed to kill harmful substances and neutralize odors. It has a variety of applications within the home such as eliminating odors in clothes or sponges, ridding vegetables of potentially dangerous microbes, and sanitizing dining equipment. It can even be safely used on pets.  The OZO-pod uses an advanced method to create ozone out of water instead of air. Because of this technique, most of the ozone stays in the water, limiting your exposure to high concentrations of ozone in the air which can be dangerous to inhale. This technique also allows the OZO-pod to be very efficient. The OZO-pod is able to bring 5 gallons of water up to 1ppm ozone concentration within minutes (a lethal amount to almost any microbe that can make you sick).

How to use:

The OZO-pod works by creating a cloud of ozone around itself while submerged in water: 

- Pour water into the receptacle of your choice

- Place the OZO-pod in the water so that it is completely submerged

- Plug it in and press the ON button. The OZO-pod will begin creating ozone immediately. You will notice the sharp, clean smell of ozone as it begins to purify the water.

- Wait at least five minutes, stirring the water so that the ozone is evenly distributed to ensure maximum disinfection.

- After five minutes the ozonated water is ready to use. Place whatever items you wish to clean in the water. During this time, you may choose to leave the pod on to continue ozonating the water.


Once you are finished using the OZO-pod take it out of the water and shake it to remove excess water. To dry it fully, lay it out on a clean cloth or napkin. It can then be stored with other kitchen or cleaning appliances in a clean, dry, non-abrasive area. The OZO-pod should never be exposed to temperatures above 140° F or below -4° F.


Water tends to contain minerals such as calcium carbonate that will slowly accumulate on the electrode of your OZO-pod reducing its efficiency. If you notice weak ozone production, you may need to clean the electrodes. The electrodes should be cleaned at least once a year.

To Clean:

- Prepare a solution of 5 parts tap water to 1 part regular kitchen vinegar.

- Submerge the ozone electrode in this solution for 10 minutes and stir making sure to keep the OZO-pod powered down.

- Remove from the solution and rinse in cool tap water.


Troubleshooting the Ozo-Pod: 


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