The Roving Blue O-pen uses the power of ozone to purify drinking water. Approved by the FDA and USDA, this compact and versatile tool is able to purify up to 16 ounces of questionable water in under a minute. The O-pen uses an advanced oxidation method that involves making ozone out of water instead of air meaning there are no air pumps or stones and no moving parts to wear out or become obstructed. This also means that ozone is not released into the air where it could be potentially dangerous to breathe. The O-pen comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and is able to purify approximately 15 liters per charge. This pen-sized water purification application will allow you to drink from any tap worldwide without getting sick from the microbes it contains.

Power of Ozone:

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer available that can be safely used to treat water. It has been recognized by the FDA and the USDA as a safe antimicrobial agent and is approved for use in water purification and food processing. Within minutes of its creation, ozone reverts back to oxygen making it safe both to you and to the environment.

Ozone has more than a 99.9% pathogen kill rate and is a reliable disinfectant, an iron and manganese reducer, a hydrogen sulfide remover, and a taste and odor reducer. More powerful than chlorine, ozone is effective against bacteria, viruses, typhoid fever, coliform, dysentery, cholera, infectious jaundice, hepatitis, influenza virus, e-Coli, enteric and other dangerous microorganisms. It can also be used to treat difficult pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium and is able to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes and halo acetic acids. Ozone can even break down harmful long-chain molecules such as those found in herbicides and pesticides.

 Ozone treatment has been a long-accepted and proven method of drinking water purification. It is already used in municipal water treatment plants, water bottling companies, hospitals, and hotels. The latest in ozone technology finally puts this powerful purifier in your hands.


Who can use it?:

The O-pen was designed with hikers and travelers in mind and is TSA approved to bring on board flights. It’s built to purify clear surface water such as rain or river water as well as tap water from questionable sources such as hotel rooms, cruise ships, or foreign restaurants. It is also used in the dental and medical fields.

As a bonus, ozone not only cleans water, it also creates water that can be used to clean. Ozonated water can be used to sanitize surfaces, rinse vegetables, and disinfect wounds. Once the ozone has finished, it reverts back to oxygen without leaving behind chemical residue or an after-taste.


How to Use:

The O-pen works by infusing water with tiny bubbles of ozone gas. It comes equipped with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that should be charged fully before use. To charge, use the provided USB charging cable to plug the pen into any 5V USB power supply. An LED light will illuminate to show that it is charging and will dim or turn off when the unit is fully charged. Charging could take anywhere from five minutes to three hours depending on the charge state of the battery pack.


1. Make sure the unit is fully charged.

2. Remove the protective cap on the end of the pen.

3. Submerge the tip of the pen in a glass or container containing up to 16oz of clear water making sure not to submerge the USB port.

4. Press the on/off switch. When powered on, the LED light will illuminate.

5. The pen will produce ozone for a 30-second cycle. Use one 30-second cycle for 8 ounces of water. Use two 30-second cycles for 16 ounces of water. Stir occasionally. Note: as the water is being purified, you will notice the sharp, clean smell of ozone. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER IF YOU CANNOT SMELL THE OZONE. There is no such thing as too much ozone in water so feel free to continue using the pen until you smell the scent of ozone in the water.

6. Wait at least three minutes to allow the ozone enough time to disinfect the water.

While ozonated water is not harmful to drink, many prefer to wait until the ozone has dissipated completely before drinking. Should you choose to do so, this may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on water temperature, pH, and other factors. As long as you can still smell the ozone, the water can be used to kill germs. During this time it can be used to disinfect wounds, rinse your mouth, or clean other surfaces.

Shut down:

Once you are finished using the O-pen take it out of the water and shake it to remove excess water. To dry it fully, lay it out on a clean cloth or napkin. Then replace the cap and place it back in its box. The O-pen should never be exposed to temperatures above 140° F or below -4° F.


Water tends to contain minerals such as calcium carbonate that will slowly accumulate on the electrode of your O-pen reducing its efficiency. If you notice weak ozone production, you may need to clean the electrodes.

To Clean:

1. Prepare a solution of 5 parts tap water to 1 part regular kitchen vinegar.

2. Submerge the ozone electrode in this solution for 10 minutes and stir making sure to keep the O-pen powered down.

3. Remove from the solution and rinse in cool tap water.


Learn it with a Blonde:



The O-pen was designed to be used on clear tap water of unknown safety and may also be used on fresh surface waters of collected rainwater. However, it is important to be sure that the water is clear. Water that is visibly clouded with dirt, silt, or algae should be allowed to settle or should be pre-filtered. Cloudiness in water is an indication that bacterial levels could be too high for the O-pen to produce enough ozone to eliminate. As the O-pen purifies water, the strong smell of ozone will be released. It may be necessary to use the pen repeatedly until the smell is present. If you do not smell the scent of ozone, all of the ozone generated by the pen is being used up by whatever is in the water. It is not possible to over-ozonate the water so keep using the pen until you can smell the ozone.

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Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Operational Temperature Range -4F - 140F
Warranty 1 Year
Description The O-Pen is great for sterilizing smaller quantities of water. It is capable of ozonating up to 16 ounces of water in under a minute, and comes with a rechargeable battery that can sterilize approximately 15 liters of water on a single charge.
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