RM-900 Ozone Generator produces up to 780 g/hr ozone from oxygen @ 180 LPM.  Water cooled, ozone generator designed for large, industrial applications.

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The RM-900 Ozone Generator is an industrial grade water cooled ozone generator capable of producing up to 780 g/hr ozone at 5% by weight from oxygen.  Reliable and consistent ozone production from a relatively compact ozone generator with integrated controls.  The RM-900 is a great option for your large industrial ozone application.


Key Features:

  • 780 g/hr of ozone at 180 LPM oxygen
  • 10-step ozone output control
  • Lockable control panel
  • Optional ORP or PPM ozone display on panel
  • Small overall footprint - 23" x 29"
  • Low power consumption - 6.2 kw
  • Water cooling for reliable ozone production
  • Internal controls for ozone generator protection


Ozone Generator performance on oxygen shown below.

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

 RM900 Ozone Generator performance


Oxygen Flow  
Ozone Concentration  
Ozone Production  
54 LPM 99 g/m3 320 g/hr
72 LPM 93 g/m3 401 g/hr
90 LPM 85 g/m3 460 g/hr
108 LPM 78 g/m3 505 g/hr
126 LPM 76 g/m3 574 g/hr
144 LPM 75 g/m3 648 g/hr
162 LPM 74 g/m3 719 g/hr
180 LPM 73 g/m3 780 g/hr


Oxygen can be provided by an oxygen concentrator providing purity of oxygen at 90% or greater.  Max oxygen pressure on ozone generator is 15 PSI.  Normal operating pressure can be 0 - 15 PSI.  This allows flexible operation with ozone venturi downstream of the ozone generator.

More Information
Call For Price No
Ozone Output 780 g/hr ozone from oxygen
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 180 LPM dry air to produce 780 g/hr ozone
Operating Pressure 5 PSI
Max Pressure 15 PSI
Manufacturer Azco
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Corona Cell Double Quartz
Gas Connections 3/8" compression fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 23" x 23" x 29"
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % 10% +
Power Requirements 220 VAC, 6.1 kw
Lead Time 3-Weeks
Warranty 2 Year
Country of Origin Canada
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 29-inch height x 23-inch width x 23-inch depth Generator Weight: 290 lb
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