RM-900 Ozone Generator produces up to 780 g/hr ozone from oxygen @ 180 LPM.  Water cooled, ozone generator designed for large, industrial applications.

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The RM-900 Ozone Generator is an industrial grade water cooled ozone generator capable of producing up to 780 g/hr ozone at 5% by weight from oxygen.  Reliable and consistent ozone production from a relatively compact ozone generator with integrated controls.  The RM-900 is a great option for your large industrial ozone application.


Key Features:

  • 780 g/hr of ozone at 180 LPM oxygen
  • 10-step ozone output control
  • Lockable control panel
  • Optional ORP or PPM ozone display on panel
  • Small overall footprint - 23" x 29"
  • Low power consumption - 6.2 kw
  • Water cooling for reliable ozone production
  • Internal controls for ozone generator protection


Ozone Generator performance on oxygen shown below.

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

 RM900 Ozone Generator performance


Oxygen Flow  
Ozone Concentration  
Ozone Production  
54 LPM 99 g/m3 320 g/hr
72 LPM 93 g/m3 401 g/hr
90 LPM 85 g/m3 460 g/hr
108 LPM 78 g/m3 505 g/hr
126 LPM 76 g/m3 574 g/hr
144 LPM 75 g/m3 648 g/hr
162 LPM 74 g/m3 719 g/hr
180 LPM 73 g/m3 780 g/hr


Oxygen can be provided by an oxygen concentrator providing purity of oxygen at 90% or greater.  Max oxygen pressure on ozone generator is 15 PSI.  Normal operating pressure can be 0 - 15 PSI.  This allows flexible operation with ozone venturi downstream of the ozone generator.

More Information
Call For Price No
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 180 LPM dry air to produce 780 g/hr ozone
Operating Pressure 5 PSI
Max Pressure 15 PSI
Manufacturer Azco
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Corona Cell Double Quartz
Gas Connections 3/8" compression fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 23" x 23" x 29"
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % 10% +
Power Requirements 220 VAC, 6.1 kw
Lead Time 3-Weeks
Warranty 2 Year
Country of Origin Canada
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 29-inch height x 23-inch width x 23-inch depth Generator Weight: 290 lb
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