Product Spotlight: Ozone Accessories

To match our vast product line of systems, concentrators, and generators, here at Oxidation Technologies, we also offer a wide array of Ozone accessories. The often low-priced and extremely usable Ozone accessories will help ensure that you are able to get your Ozone systems back up-and-running as soon and as easy as possible. Whether it’s the tubing, check valves, diffusers, or one of our many other Ozone accessories, we have all the products you need to make sure your Ozone systems are always running at peak performance.


With over 80 options, we are sure that you will be able to find the Kynar Fitting that you are looking for. The fittings are made out of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), a thermoplastic material that is compatible with Ozone. Creating these fittings from PVDF makes a fitting that is resistant to abrasion, as well as chemical corrosion, the result is a fitting that is perfect for situations containing corrosive fluids. They are also equipped with a plastic gripper nut, guaranteeing that you will get an incredibly tight grip on plastic tubing every time.


FEP (Fluorinated ethylene-propylene) Tubing is the best tubing on the market when it comes to working with Ozone. FEP tubing is 100% Ozone resistant, capable of working with very high temperatures, and it is also made with maximum flexibility in mind. FEP tubing is what we using when building our own Ozone systems, so it is always in stock at our warehouse and can typically ship in any length you would like. If you prefer a specific coil length or spool, please call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Ozone Diffusers

Ozone Diffusers are just another one of the great Ozone accessories that we offer, and when it comes to diffusers, nothing compares to the SS6-12 Diffuser. The SS6 has a 20-micron rating and is capable of bubbling ozone into water at flow rates up to 5 CFM. The SS6 creates bubbles at both low and high-rates so there is absolutely no compromise on the mass transfer at any flow-rate. The SS6 is great for treating wastewater, groundwater remediation, and many other applications. Click here to see our other Diffuser options.

And Even More

It is also important to note impressive products such as our Venturi Injectors, and our Check Valves. Our Venturi injectors are created with a Black Kynar material that promises longevity because of its optimal ozone resistance. We offer a wide array of injectors that work with almost any flow rate so you will be able to find the right product that works for you. The injector is perfect for ozonating a continual stream of water. Our check valves work with the injectors so you are left with a connection that is leak-proof and durable.

To see all of our Ozone Accessories, please click here.

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