ORC-1 Cabinet

Turn-Key Ozone Cabinet for Groundwater Remediation applications. 1 lb/day (19 g/hr) ozone production for in-situ remediation. Turn-key ready to operate ozone remediation system installed in compact cabinet.

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Ozone remediation system installed in a cabinet.  Cabinet can be wall mounted or floor standing.  All equipment necessary for ozone production is provided inside this cabinet, only electrical power is required for operation.  These cabinets are designed specifically for use in groundwater remediation applications.

Each system we build is custom built to our customer's specifications. We offer a variety of system sizes and configurations and options to fit most every application. Please review our products to get an idea of that is possible, and how we can integrate a system that will meet your needs. When you are ready for a custom quote or simply to discuss how ozone can work in this application call our application engineers, we are here to help.


ORC-1 Ozone Remediation Cabinet Specifications:

     -1 lb/day ozone production (19 g/hr)

     -20 SCFH oxygen production

     -2 CFM additional sparge air flow

     -Manifold with 4 ozone outputs each controlled by solenoid valve

     -25 PSI continuous oxygen/ozone pressure

     -30 PSI max oxygen/ozone pressure

     -50 PSI max air sparge pressure (breakthrough pressure)

     -Cabinet size = 36" wide x 42" tall x 20" deep

Diagram of ozone groundwater remediation cabinet


Ozone Cabinets provide the following standard equipment:

     -Steel cabinet with two compartments and air conditioning

     -Oil-less Air compressor

     -Refrigerant air dryer

     -Air filtration system

     -Oxygen Generator

     -Ozone Generator

     -Ozone Distribution manifold

     -Control system with touch screen HMI for valve timing


Ozone Cabinet Design and Layout:

Ozone system is installed in a steel cabinet that can be wall mounted or floor standing.  Ozone cabinet is separated into 2 separate compartments.  The top of the cabinet houses the air-cooled ozone generator, control equipment, and other sensitive equipment.  This top section is normally air conditioned to keep the area cool.  The bottom of the enclosure is fan cooled and houses the air compressor.  This will allow the excessive heat from the air compressor to be removed from the system efficiently.


Ozone System Controls:

Ozone system will be controlled by one central control system. This will control all components automatically for reliable and safe operation. The operation of the system is performed with simple to use touch screen interface. All well timing, operation, and logging information is also performed on this touch screen panel for convenience.

 It is also possible to operate and monitor the system remotely via a telemetry system. The system can connect to the internet via wireless, wired, or cellular data connection. When operating system remotely every operational parameter available while at the actual control panel is also available remotely. Logged data can also be downloaded remotely for reporting purposes. The system can be set-up to send e-mails for alarm conditions.


Ozone Generator:

The heart of any ozone system is the ozone generator.  We have worked for years to develop ozone generators that can handle the rugged and demanding environments, pressures, and operating requirements found in remediation applications.  This system uses an air-cooled ozone generator to produce 19 g/hr of ozone from 20 SCFH oxygen at 2.3% by weight. Ozone generation is efficient and reliable with solid state electronics and a single durable ozone generation cell.

Atlas-60 Ozone Generator

Ozone is produced under pressure. Ozone generation cell is rated for up to 100 PSI of pressure. Ozone generated under pressure is important as it eliminates the requirement to re-pressurize ozone with a secondary compressor or pump. Due to the high-pressure capability of this ozone generator and single ozone outlet from a single cell ozone leaks are almost complete eliminated.


Ozone Manifold:

The ozone manifold will distribute ozone gas to multiple wells. The standard manifold supplied with the ozone cabinet provides 4 outputs with 4 solenoid valves to allow full control of each valve. Any number of valves can be open simultaneously or individual valves can be open and cycle through each consecutively.

Custom configurations are available to add well output or add flow-meters to outputs to create zones. Any configuration is possible and available with the same control from our easy to use touch screen interface.


Oxygen Generator:

The Oxygen Generator used in this system is an OG-20 Oxygen Concentrator This is an OEM style  oxygen generator with rebuildable sieve beds and direct acting solenoid valves for valving. All components are of the highest quality, and each component can be rebuilt individually keeping your maintenance costs low for the long term,

This oxygen generator provides oxygen at pressures of at least 25 PSI and up to 30 PSI. This ensures ozone gas can be generated under pressure and flow to the well without re-pressurizing the ozone gas. This is important as re-pressurizing ozone will generate additional heat and destroy ozone. This system eliminates the extra compressor needed when oxygen gas is produced at lower pressures.


Air Compressor:

Compressed air is required for oxygen production and for sparging air.  The air compressor used is an oil-less compressor designed for 100% duty cycle.  The compressor is located in the bottom of the cabinet to keep the heat generated from the compressor isolated and vented to the outdoors efficiently to ensure reliable operation.  A built-in refrigerant air dryer is used to remove moisture from the air and ensure that both the oxygen generator can operate reliably, and the ozone manifold remains dry to eliminate nitric acid build-up. 



Ozone Remediation Cabinet Options:

The Ozone Remediation cabinet is customizable to any requirements.  We offer standard configurations in our marketing information and provide as much detail and information as reasonably possible.  However, as each system is built when ordered, we have a great deal of customization possible.  See details below for a few options


Inline Oxygen Purity Analyzer - Real-time oxygen purity can be measured and displayed on the HMI screen with the addition of an oxygen purity analyzer. This will provide a positive feed-back on the quality of oxygen used for ozone production.


Oxygen Mass Flow Meter - Oxygen flow can be measured and displayed digitally on the HMI screen to show actual oxygen/ozone flow into the soil formations. An oxygen mass flow meter provides actual oxygen flow information regardless of changing pressures making an easy check of actual oxygen flow. This information can also be logged for reporting purposes.


Air Mass Flow Meter - Sparging Air flow can be measured and displayed digitally on the HMI screen to show actual Air Sparging flow into the soil formations. An air mass flow meter provides actual air flow information regardless of changing pressures making an easy check of actual air flow. This information can also be logged for reporting purposes.


Inline Ozone Analyzer - To provide additional operational information an inline ozone analyzer can be added to the ozone system to measure the ozone production of the ozone generator in real time.  When set-up with an oxygen mass flow meter the actual output of ozone can be measured and recorded real time.  This is ideal for pilot tests, or applications were recording and reporting is critical. This information can also be logged for reporting purposes.


Manifold Configuration - Ozone sparge flow is controlled by a flow manifold.  The standard ORC-1 system is designed with 4 individual solenoid valves to direct ozone flow to 4 wells.  These outlets can be configured with additional flowmeters to create zones, for example, if 2 flowmeters were added to each of the 4 outputs a total of 8 wells could be treated in 4 separate zones.  Also, additional (or fewer) solenoid valve outputs can be provided.  This customization is essentially unlimited.



Ozone Accessories:

Oxidation Tech offers a full line of accessories that may be needed for your system installation or operation.

Ozone Sparging Diffusers - Bubble ozone gas into water efficiently with stainless steel diffuser that creates 20-micron bubbles. Sintered stainless steel is a reliable choice for a sparge point

 Ozone diffuser for ozone sparging

Ozone Delivery Tubing -
We carry Teflon tubing in various sizes. Teflon tubing is the best choice for a long-lasting yet flexible tubing to deliver ozone to the wells.

ozone delivery tubing

Well Components -
Well components such as well caps, packers and riser pipes are available. Contact us for details on your configurations and equipment needed


Ozone Leak sensor – wall mount - Remote mount ozone leak sensor can be used and integrated into the ozone system. This is used when ozone levels in an adjacent building or occupied space may rise due to ozone sparging in the groundwater below that area.

Fixed mount ozone leak detector

Ozone leak sensor – handheld - Handheld ozone monitor can be used for leak detection or personal safety.

Ozone leak sensor



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Why use Oxidation Technologies:

There are many ozone companies that will provide equipment or complete turnkey systems.  So, what makes our systems better?  Experience! Plain and simple we have been on-site and operated ozone remediation systems for many years. 

Details matter, and we know what details are important what are not. Producing ozone is easy, however, building a reliable and effective ozone system is not easy.  There are many parts that need to work together perfectly for many hours without human oversight. Our extensive experience allows us to make sure the details of your ozone system are right, to ensure maximum run-time and reliability.

Let us help you ensure your system will operate for many years reliably and effectively.

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Listing Description

1 lb/day ozone cabinet (19 g/hr)

4 well outputs standard

50 PSI max sparge pressure

25 PSI operational pressure

Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 2 CFM total oxygen/ozone/air flow to wells
Operating Pressure 25 PSI
Max Pressure 50 PSI
Gas Connections 3/8" compression fittings
Datalogging Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 42" tall x 36" wide x 20" deep
Operational Temperature Range 0 - 105-deg F
Power Requirements 220-VAC 1-phase power
Lead Time 6-8 weeks typical
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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