Test Ozone Generator Performance

Ozone generators are sized based on the amount of ozone they produce. This article intends to help you understand how to test the production of your ozone generator 

There are different methods used, and different equipment required for measuring production from each of these styles of ozone generators. Both methods are covered in the linked instructions.  Below are some details on each, this should help you understand the right instructions to use for your ozone generator.


1 - Industrial Ozone Generators

Use corona discharge for ozone production. Industrial O3 generators may use oxygen or dry air as a feed gas. These generators will produce higher concentrations of ozone from low flow rates of air or oxygen.  A tube style connection that uses either barbed fittings, national pipe thread, or compression style fittings to connect to tubing.  High concentrations of ozone in a relatively low, sealed flow-rate are produced.

2 - Commercial Ozone Generators

(Air blower style) create ozone from corona discharge of UV light. Ambient air is blown through the ozone generator producing low concentrations of ozone in high air flow rates.  A large flow of air is used through the body of the ozone generator.  Typically you will see a grill or grate that a large air-flow is emitting from, this air contains the ozone generated.



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