Akit, Exp Kit, Carulite 200

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Replacement Akit, Exp Kit, Carulite 200 for the M464L Ozone Analyzers.

Akit, Exp Kit, Carulite Part Number: 053010000

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Replacement Akit, Exp Kit, Carulite for the M465L Ozone Analyzer.

M465L Replacement Parts
Part Description Part Number
UV Lamp Assembly 065660000
UV Detector Assembly 025710100
Reference Scrubber, Low Concentration 072910001
Pump Assembly, 13" Leads 047020200
Power Supply 60W PS0000042
Ozone Sensor Assembly, Low Concentration 073610100
Ozone Sensor Assembly, High Concentration 073610000
O-Ring 2-012 OR0000039
Main Board Assembly 050720300
High Concentration Scrubber 048990300
Reference Scrubber, High Concentration 050300000
Front Panel Board Single Channel 053130400
Flowmeter FM0000004
Filter Inline Disposable FL0000033
Filter Elements, 30 Micron 036750000
Akit Exp. Kit Carulite 053010000
Pre-Filters, Single Stream 062310000
3 Way Valve, Peek/Viton VA0000054
More Information
Call For Price No
Product Category Ozone Analyzer
Manufacturer Teledyne API
Warranty 1 Year
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