Low range UV Absorption based Ozone Analyzer for low range ozone detection with superb accuracy.  The Model 465L+O2 includes an ozone analyzer for ozone and oxygen safety in the same simple to use monitor.

**This product has been discontinued**

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The Model 465L UV Photometric Ozone Monitor is an extremely stable analyzer, ideal for critical low-level ppm safety and process applications.  Its calibration is NIST traceable and the included pressure and temperature compensation ensure high accuracy under all conditions.  An integral micro fuel cell sensor provides accurate, continuous monitoring of O2 and allows measuring of both gases in a single instrument.

The Model 465L + O2 has been designed to deliver excellent performance, high reliability and simple operation.  Operating parameters can be easily set up in the field using the operator-friendly menu driven software.

Built-in diagnostics provide warning signals in case operating parameters are out of range.  Test values can be viewed while the Model 465L + O2 is operating.  These displays, warnings, and self-diagnostics, along with the modular design, allow maximum uptime. In addition, any function that can be set or monitored from the front panel can be remotely set or viewed through the bi-directional RS-232 port.


  • O3 and O2 monitoring in a single wall mounted unit
  • UV absorption ozone measurement with a 3 ppb LDL
  • Maintenance-free, expendable micro fuel O2 cell
  • Programmable concentration alarms
  • Programmable High and High-High alarm contacts
  • Self-check warning alarms
  • Temperature and pressure compensation (standard)
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Menu driven software
  • Fast response times
  • Minimal zero drift
  • Optional Ethernet
  • One-year warranty



We highly recommend replacing the filter frequently to prevent contamination of the flow path by particulate matter. 


Picture of Filter Housing: Product: FILTERHS


API Model 465L+O2 Brochure

API Model 465L Manual


M465L Replacement Parts
Part Description Part Number
UV Lamp Assembly 065660000
UV Detector Assembly 025710100
Reference Scrubber, Low Concentration 072910001
Pump Assembly, 13" Leads 047020200
Power Supply 60W PS0000042
Ozone Sensor Assembly, Low Concentration 073610100
Ozone Sensor Assembly, High Concentration 073610000
O-Ring 2-012 OR0000039
Main Board Assembly 050720300
High Concentration Scrubber 048990300
Reference Scrubber, High Concentration 050300000
Front Panel Board Single Channel 053130400
Flowmeter FM0000004
Filter Inline Disposable FL0000033
Filter Elements, 30 Micron 036750000
Akit Exp. Kit Carulite 053010000
Pre-Filters, Single Stream 062310000
3 Way Valve, Peek/Viton VA0000054
More Information
Manufacturer Teledyne API
Call For Price No
4-20 mA Output Yes
Relays 2 Relays
Maximum Range 0-500 ppm
Minimum Range 0-1 ppm
Accuracy ± 0.5% of full scale
Min, Max, Avg No
Voltage Output 0-5 V
Power Requirements 100 - 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Datalogging No
Rechargeable Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Range From 0-1 ppm to 0-500 ppm
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