Ambient air Ozone Scrubber

New Product! Destroy ozone safely in ambient air with the CDA-250 catalytic ozone scrubber.

Catalytic ozone scrubber destroys ozone in ambient air at an air flow-rate of 250 CFM.  Built-in fans flow air past catalyst material designed to revert ozone safely back to oxygen.90% efficient at 250 CFM air flow-rate.

Ambient air ozone scrubber
CDA-250 Ozone Scrubber


  • 250 CFM airflow rate from internal fans
  • Catalytic material is used for long-life
  • >90% ozone destruction efficiency at high ozone levels
  • The catalyst material is replaceable 
  • Magnetic levitation fans are used for longevity
  • No steel ball bearings or other oxidizable metal parts are used
  • Destruct catalyst is at the inlet, electrical components and fans are exposed to lower levels of azone only.
  • Fans operate on 24 VDC for safety
  • External UL listed 24 VDC power supply provided to power from 120 or 220 VAC power.
  • Handles provided for easy transport or carrying
  • Plastic feet mounted to the bottom provide firm footing on the floor or bench.
CDA-250 Ozone Scrubber

For information on more ozone scrubbers see link below:

4 thoughts on “Ambient air Ozone Scrubber

  1. Dear Sir:
    I would like to disinfect for Covid19 a shopping cart containing assorted groceries, using ozone in gas
    form. Assume 1m3 of volume, sealed during disinfection. Ideally 5 minutes time would be nice.
    What dose, time and which of the Oxidation Technologies units would you recommend to do the job?

    1. If using ozone in air to inactive viruses, we would suggest 20 ppm or more for 20 mintes. Past research would substntiate this is sufficient for a substiantial virus kill.

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