Dissolved Ozone Test Kits

CHEMetrics Chemets self-filing reagent ampoules are a great way to test for dissolved substances in liquids. These visual test kits allow you to obtain results by measuring the color of the sample according to the color comparators provided with the kit. This unique method allows you to attain results quickly and accurately with minimal contact with potentially hazardous materials. While traditional methods often require multiple steps and thorough preparation, these test kits allow you to obtain dependable results with a few simple steps. By simplifying the testing method, Chemets test kits reduce the potential for operator error. Additionally, each of the ampoules contained in the test kits is vacuum sealed which helps eliminate the problem of obtaining inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents. These reagents are stored right in the tip of each ampoule and sealed in glass, thereby minimizing direct contact with the chemicals.

What’s Included:

-30 self-filling ampoules

-Low and high-range comparators

-25mL Sample Cup

-Activator Solution

-Instruction Manual

Videos Overviewing the CHEMetrics Dissolved Ozone Test Kits:

I-2019 Dissolved Ozone Kit with Digital Meter
K-7404 Dissolved Ozone Test Kit
K-7404 Dissolved Ozone Test Kit

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