I-2019 Dissolved Ozone Digital Meter Kit


The I-2019 Dissolved Ozone Kit contains a meter with a digital readout of dissolved ozone levels in the 0-5 ppm range. Also included in the kit are several accessories: a box of test ampoules, a zeroing cylinder, a light shield, a box of 4 AAA batteries, and a screwdriver for installing the batteries.

The kit is shipped with the batteries NOT installed in the meter. To install the batteries, remove the four screws securing the meter’s back plate. Place the 4 batteries in their receiving slots, and reattach the back plate using the screws.

The I-2019 Dissolved Ozone Digital Meter is now ready to power on.

Purchase I-2019 Dissolved Ozone Kit here: https://www.oxidationtech.com/i-2019.html

Watch Video Showing Items Included in Kit and How to Install Batteries:

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