Ozone sensor calibration kit for rent

Calibrating ozone sensors is unlike calibration of many other common gas sensors.  Ozone cannot be stored and must be produced on site.  This eliminates the possibility of buying calibration gas for your ozone sensor.

We now offer a solution to this common challenge.  We offer the ATI A23-14 Ozone Calibration kit as a rental by the week or month.

Calibrate ozone sensors
A21-14 Ozone sensor calibration kit

Rental Terms:

  • Pre-payment required for all rentals – payment can be made via credit card online
  • Rental period is for term paid for, shipping time to and from customers location is not included in rental term and is not billed
  • Shipping both to and from the customer is paid by the customer – Ground shipping is okay
  • Equipment gauranteed to arrive in working order, any damge to equipment will be billed to customer
  • Rental term can be extended at any time during the rental
  • Discounts for longer term rentals apply, arrangements must be made up front

Compatible ozone sensors:

  • C16 PortaSense
  • F12 Ozone Transmitter
  • D12 Ozone Transmitter
  • A14/A11 Ozone Detector
  • Series-200 with EOZ sensor head
  • Series-300 with EOZ sensor head
  • Series-500 with EOZ sensor head

We can provide the calibration kit or adapter necessary for each of the sensors listed above.  Be sure to ask us for these parts if you do not have them yourselves, we will ship with the A23-14.

Don’t see your sensor on the list?  Call or e-mail us, we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

The A23-14 ships in a handy carry case with all the equipment you need for ozone sensor calibrations.  A calibrated amount of ozone is produced and flows to your sensor for calibration purposes.  We check the ozone output of the A23 each time we ship this device to ensure the best ozone accuracy for your application.

calibration ozone sensors on-site
A23-14 Ozone Calibration Kit carry case

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