Simple ozone system for well water treatment

Ozone offers one of the best options for treating well water cost effectively and reliably.  No added chemicals or salts are required, ozone reverts to oxygen and is perfectly safe for drinking.

We have developed a simple ozone system for treatment of small to medium residential and agricultural well water systems.  Common water quality issues can be resolved without chemicals or adding salt.  This will save you money, and provide safer, and better quality water for you, your family, and your livestock.


Ozone is commonly used for the following:


New systems are now available from Oxidation Tech, the WT-series ozone systems.  We offer these systems in 2, 4, and 10 g/hr varieties.  All equipment for install is supplied in a kit that can be installed by a handy person who enjoys DIY projects.


Well water treatment system with ozone
WT-4 Ozone System


Complete System Includes:


Systems are easy to install and very simple to operate.  No human oversight is necessary beyond monthly checks to ensure the system is operational.  No salt to add, no chemicals to purchase.


Treat well water with ozone
Diagram of WT-4 Ozone Well Water system


These systems are offered in various sizes.  We would be glad to help you determine, based on water quality, what size system with what options may be necessary.  Should you have any questions feel free to call our office.




Information on well water treatment with ozone.



10 thoughts on “Simple ozone system for well water treatment

  1. I live in central Florida and have a well. Time to change exisiting water treatment. I have old fashioned pool chlorniator , then 80 gal contact tank, then carbon filter and finally a salt softener.
    Local water treatment company is suggesting I go with ozone. Looking for advice. This is an expensive output for me.

  2. Looking to deal with slight egg odor with my well water and improve the taste. Would add this in front of an existing water softener.

  3. Looking at property that the wells have a manganese issue. What is cost of ozone system to handle normal household use.

  4. Interested in your ozone products for high speed water bottle dispenser.. looking for price list…

  5. I have a well system with chemical analysis showing hydrogen sulfate(rotten egg) smell and suspended solids that settle out in the toilets. I can send the report to you to analyze. It will serve a single family residence and some live stock.

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