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We recently had a customer contact us in need of an ozone destruct unit. This particular customer runs a company where they sell ozonated water out of their store. The process to ozonate and disinfect the water was taking place in a backroom in the store. Because of the high foot traffic in the store with customers and employees constantly going into and leaving the store, it was important that ambient ozone levels remained low. The problem was that too much ozone was leaking out into the air, creating an environment that had the possibility to become unsafe. When one of our ozone specialists spoke with the customer on the phone, they had figured a CDA destruct unit would be the best option, considering it would be able to circulate the ambient air and destroy any ozone that may be present. However, our technician thought that a different route may be best. After some time going over the dilemma, our ozone specialist recommended a custom CDU-300 ozone destruct device. This decision was reached because it would be best to destroy the ozone in the tank where it was being used to ozonate the water, instead of waiting for the ozone to leak from the tanks before trying to destroy it. The final product is this CDU-300 (seen below) with a blower assembly to destroy ozone at the source, and not allow it to get into the ambient air. This just goes to show how speaking with an ozone expert can help you get the optimal product that will best fit your specific applications.

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New point of use Ozone Injection System

A brand new ozone injection system to the market, the OXS-8 and OXS-16.

ozone water system
8 g/hr Ozone Water System

The OXS-8 will produce 8 g/hr of ozone to dissolve in up to 20 GPM of water.  Water flows up to 10 GPM will contain an ozone residual of 2.0 PPM.  Sufficient ozone levels for surface sanitation, most food processing applications, and other point of use (POU) ozone applications.

Review diagram below for complete breakdown of components and operation of the OXS-8 Ozone Water System.

Ozone Water System
OXS-8 Ozone Water System Diagram

The OXS-8 Ozone Water System will produce ozone from oxygen, via the integrated oxygen concentrator.  Ozone will be dissolved into water efficiently using a mazzei injector, dedicated ozone injection pump, and ozone mixing tank.

All components necessary for operation are installed on one convenient skid that is ready to use upon delivery.  Simply plumb water in, water out, and electrical power.

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Ozone treated drinking water declared best tasting water

The John J Carroll Water Treatment Plant in Massachusetts recently was declared to have the best tasting public drinking water by the AWWA (American Water Works Association).  Water is evaluated much like wine would be to see who has the best tasting water.

A the John J Carroll Water Treatment Plant the water is treated with ozone for disinfection and water quality, but not filtered.  The aquifer the water is pulled from does a great job of filtration.  This provides water quality from the tap water in the area served on par with bottled water.

For more, read full article below:

From: Metro Daily News

Industry group says MWRA water is best

  • By Christian Yapor/Daily News Correspondent

    Posted Jun. 16, 2015 at 8:41 PM 

    Tap water flowing in Framingham, Newton, Southborough, Waltham and Weston has been declared the best tasting public water in the country, according to a national water association.

    To determine which area had the best tasting water, national water specialists from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) conducted blindfolded taste tests.

    “It’s kind of like a wine tasting,” said Ria Convery, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA).

    In the end, the MWRA water won the “Best of the Best” Tap Water Tasting Test. MWRA water originates from the Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs in central Massachusetts and then flows via underground aqueducts to a filtration plant in Southborough.

    The water filtration plant in Southborough delivers 200 million gallons of water to 51 communities, serving a total population of 2.5 million people – including people in Boston.

    “The reservoir is designed for natural filtration,” said Convery. “We don’t filter, the source is well protected, and most of it is delivered by gravity.”

    The John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant in Southborough started using ozone to clean the water in 2005 and added the use of ultraviolet light in 2014. Ozone gas is bubbled through the water and is used as a disinfectant. UV light is also used as a disinfectant and can inactivate chemically-resistant parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

    “We are not adding chemicals or taking them out,” said Convery. “We don’t fool around with it a lot.”

    The water that comes from the treatment plant has met every state and federal drinking water standard, according to the MWRA.

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The water treatment plant provides great information on water quality and how the water is treated with ozone, uv and minimal chemicals.

It is completely possible to bring the same results achieved here to small municipal, industrial, and even residential well water.  Contact us for more details on how we can achieve excellent water quality from your source water.

Dissolved Ozone Monitor

We now offer the ATI Dissolved Ozone Monitor Q46H/64 for online purchase and configuration.

Ozonated water monitor
Q46 Dissolved Ozone Monitor

This monitor is available with a great deal of options that we offer the customer to choose on our website.  

The Q46 is an extremely accurate dissolved ozone meter that can measure ozone from 0.001 ppm to 200 ppm using various ranges the user can select in the monitor.

Multiple sensor configuration options make this a flexible monitor that can be suited for your exact need!


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Q46H/64 Product Spec Sheet

Q46H/64 Operators Manual

Q46H/64 Typical System Diagrams