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Ozone Chamber can be used to treat Fruits, Vegetables, Water, Olive Oil, or anything you can fit in the chamber with ozone.  Glass container with a sealed top that will keep ozone in the chamber and destroy all off-gassed ozone with ozone destruct unit.  This is a great, safe method to treat products with ozone.

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Ozone Information

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This Ozone Chamber will allow you to treat produce with ozone while keeping the area safe.  The Glass Ozone Chamber is 1.7 liters in volume with a sealed, removable top, that is supplied with diffusers and an ozone destruct device to destroy all off-gassed ozone.


Looking for gas ozone chamber?  Click HERE



Ozone Chamber Features:

  • Ozone Resistant materials
  • Glass chamber for long term use
  • Rubber protected bottom is removable
  • Sealed top that is easy to remove, and provides tight seal
  • Ozone Scrubbers remove all off-gassed ozone
  • Fine pore bubble diffusers supplied
  • Spare parts provided with unit


Ozone Chamber Supplied With:

  • Glass Chamber with rubber protected bottom
  • Sealed lid with handles
  • Ozone Destruct Unit - x2
  • Ozone Diffuser x2
  • Ozone Tubing



  • Chamber Materal = Glass
  • Chamber Volume = 1.7 Liters
  • Weight = 600 grams


 Ozone Chamber to Ozonate Water:

 Water can be placed into the Ozone Chamber to purify the water, remove contaminants, or create a high level of aqueous ozone for other applications.  The Ozone Chamber will allow you to ozonated the water for long periods of time without the danger of off-gassed ozone in the air.


 Ozone Chamber to Ozonate Fruit:

 Fruit, vegetables and general produce can be placed in the Ozone Chamber with water.  Ozone bubbled into the water will dissolve into the water and destroy all bacteria, mold, pathogens, and pesticides.  This will extend the shelf life of your food, while giving you safer food to eat.  In some cases, save the costs of expensive organic food, and destroy the pesticides on your produce with ozone prior to eating. 


Treat fruit with Ozone using the Ozone Chamber and Ozone Generator


 Ozone Chamber to Create Ozonated Olive Oil:

 Using an ozone generator like the 1KNT and the Ozone Chamber can quickly make your own ozonated olive oil.  The ozone chamber offers a simple container for production of ozonated olive oil.  The ozone chamber is easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe.  This allows the chamber to be cleaned and used for other purposes after creating ozonated olive oil.

Note, oxygen bottle shown, however oxygen concentrator recommended for long term operation.

Also note that ozone destruct device is not recommended for use with oxygen fed ozone.  Safely vent ozone to safe location when using ozone generated from oxygen.

1KNT making ozonated olive oil



Ozone Chamber uses:

  • Sanitize Produce - fruits and vegetables
  • Ozonate water for drinking
  • Remove mold from produce (remediate)
  • Produce activated water, high levels of ozone in water
  • Material compatibility testing with ozone
  • Production of ozonated olive oil
  • Chemical Synthesis experiments
  • Laboratory experiments with ozone


Ozone Generator:
The Ozone Chamber was designed for use with ozone generators producing ozone from dry air.  This is the safest and best method of operation.

If ozone generated from oxygen is to be used, the ozone destruct unit will not destroy ozone efficiently.  We suggest venting ozone to safe location when using oxygen fed ozone generator.

Ozone Information

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