The VMUS-2 Ozone Generator produces 5 g/hr ozone from oxygen, or 2 g/hr from dry air.  Air cooled, wall mount ozone generator is very versatile and configrable for a wide variety of ozone production applications.

**This has been discontinued - check out the VMUS-4 as a replacement**

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The VMUS-2 is an extremely flexible ozone generator able to produce ozone efficiently from either dry air, or oxygen feed gas.  Either vacuum operation, or pressure is okay for the ozone generator cell.  Air cooled operation allows for use in most every application without the hassle of cooling water.  With the compact size and great ozone production the VMUS-2 is a great value in ozone generators!

The VMUS-4 is a wall mountable Ozone generator which produces up to 5.0 g/hr of ozone @ 6 l/min of oxygen. This generator utilizes corona discharge technology. This unit is typically used in water bottling plants, self contained site remediation systems, and air systems for commercial buildings.


Key Features:

  • Produces Up to ~5 g/hr.
  • Wall mountable
  • Detachable power chord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Powder coated Al. cabinet


Ozone Generator performance on both dry air and oxygen feed gas shown below.

Ozone Production from Oxygen:

O3  Output       
O2 Flow       O3 Concentration
2.5 g/hr 1.0 LPM 2.9 %
3.5 g/hr 1.5 LPM 2.7 %
4 g/hr 2.0 LPM 2.3 %
4.5 g/hr 2.7 LPM 1.9 %
5 g/hr 4 LPM 1.5 %


Ozone Production from Dry Air:

O3  Output   
Air Flow     O3 Concentration
1 g/hr 2.0 LPM 0.6 %
1.5 g/hr 4.0 LPM 0.35 %
2 g/hr 5.0 LPM 0.4 %



Using the VMUS-2 with Oxygen:

We provide a variety of oxygen concentrators that could be used with the VMUS-2.  Our recomendation would be the Aerous-8 Oxygen Concentrator.  The Aerous-8 will produce 4 LPM of oxygen, this is sufficient for a full 5 g/hr of ozone production from the VMUS-2.  The oxygen pressures, flows and generaal operation of the Aerous-8 will be a great fit with the VMUS-4.  However, if you choose to use your own oxygen concentrator, simply contact our office and let us ensure it is the right fit for your appliaction.


Using the VMUS-2 with Dry Air:

The VMUS-2 OZone Generator can operate under vacuum.  The VMUS-2 will produce 2 g/hr of ozone from dry air with the VMD-8 Air Dryer.  Using the VMUS-2 with the VMD-8 vacuum driven air dryer is a simple method of dissolving ozone into water.  A venturi injector can be used to create a suction of gas into a water stream.  The ozone generator and air dryer can be plumbed in series so that the dry air is pulled through the ozone generator and into the water via the venturi injector.  There will be no major moving parts and simple, reliable operation.  

More Information
Call For Price No
Feed Gas O2 or Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 4 LPM oxygen to produce 5 g/hr ozone
Operating Pressure 5 PSI PSI
Max Pressure 5 PSI
Manufacturer Azco
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Corona Cell Quartz , Stainless Steel
Gas Connections 1/4" barbed fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) Enclosure Dimensions: 15-inch height x 9-inch width x 5.5-inch depth
Generator Weight: 12 lb
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 120 watts
Lead Time 2-Weeks
Warranty 2 Year
Country of Origin Canada
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