OZX-300 Ozone Generator

500 mg/hr ozone generator with integrated air pump, air dryer, tubing, and diffusers

Adjustable ozone output dial, and user selectable timer.

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The OZX-300 Ozone Generator is an economical ozone generator for small applications.  With an Ozone output of 500 mg/hr from dry air this ozone generator is great for many small applications and compact to fit where you need.  Adjustable ozone output and digital timer make this ozone generator user friendly and a great value.  The OZX-300 includes an integrated air pump and ships with ozone tubing, diffusers, and an air dryer.  This generator will come with everything you need upon delivery to produce ozonated water.

The OZX-300 Ozone Generator is backed by a full 1-year warranty.  This generator will ship from, and be serviced by Oxidation Technologies based here in the USA. 


  • Great value in ozone generators
  • Integrated air pump
  • Adjustable ozone output
  • User selectable ozone timer
  • Ships with ozone tubing and diffusers
  • Includes rechargeable air dryer
  • Compact size and easy to use

 This small ozone generator is perfect for the home user who desires pure drinking water, fruits and vetatables.  By bubbling ozone into water at home you will remove contaminates from this water and increase dissolved oxygen in the water.  Bubbling ozone into a pitcher with your purchased fruits and vegetables will remove bacteria, extend shelf life, and destroy pesticides from the surface of the produce.  Achieve healthier living with the use of ozone.

We have used these ozone generators in small aquariums, and aquaculture applications.  With the integrated air pump this ozone generator will bubble ozone directly into the tank, or in a water treatment tank to break down contamination and elevate oxygen levels in the water.


Use the OZX-300 to wash fruit, vegetables, or water in a glass container or the Ozone Chamber we provide.  With the internal air pump and timer, the OZX-300 is a great tool to ensure your produce is free of bacteria, pathogens, and pesticides.

Treat fruit with Ozone using the Ozone Chamber and Ozone Generator



  • 500 mg/hr ozone output
  • 2 LPM air flow rate with integrated air pump
  • 500 mg/hr ozone produced at concentration of 4.2 g/m3 (0.33%) at 2 LPM flow rate
  • 3/4 PSI air pump pressure (about 1.5 feet of water depth)
  • 1/4" barbed connection for inlet and outlet


What you get:

  • OZX-300 Ozone Generator with integrated air pump (110V power)
  • Rechargeable air dryer
  • Ozone Tubing
  • Two Ozone Diffusers

ozx-300 ozone generator 500 mg/hr



Operation of Ozone Generator:

The OZX-300 produced ozone via corona discharge ozone generating cell.  Corona cell is constructed of glass dielectric and stainless steel shell.  These components are the same as are used in much more expensive, industrial ozone generators, just smaller versions are used here.  Operating frequency of ~500 hz from the power inverter and transforer.  Great operating frequency to produce ozone efficiently from dry air.

Ozone generator operates with an integrated timer.  Timer will allow ozone production for time intervals up to 90 minutes, along with a constant ON feature allowing the ozone generator to operate continously.  Timer is operated with a digital display with easy to set buttons on the screen.

Timer and functions on OZX-30 ozone generator

Ozone output can be adjusted via the adjustable ozone output dial from 0-100%.  This will allow for lower ozone levels to be used if necessary.

ozone generator adjustable ozone output



Common Applications:

  • Drinking water
  • Washing fruits and vegetables at home
  • Lab Applications
  • Pilot testing
  • Ozonated olive oil
  • Aquarium or small aquaculture application
  • Odor Removal
  • Spa water treatment
  • Swimming pools




OZX-300 Ozone Generator Manual

OZX-300 Silica beads Information

Enaly Series Brochure


More Information
Quickbooks Stock Level 22.000000
Call For Price No
Feed Gas Dry Air
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 1-2 LPM with integrated air pump
Operating Pressure 3/4 PSI
Max Pressure 3/4 PSI
Manufacturer Enaly
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Corona Cell Aluminum , Glass, Stainless Steel
Gas Connections 1/4" barbed fittings
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6" x 4" x 2"
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Max O3 % Below 3%
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 7 watts
Lead Time 2-Weeks
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin China
Description Enclosure Dimensions: 2-inch height x 4-inch width x 6-inch depth Generator Weight: 2 lb
Ozone Output

500 mg/hr

Unit Features

- Adjustable ozone output dial and timer

- Includes rechargeable air dryer

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