GFM Mass Flow Meter 0-100 SCFH

GFM Mass Flow Meter 0-100 SCFH.  Measure and display flow accurately with a digital display and output.  Mass flow meter provides accurate flow that is pressure compensated real-time with display or digital output.


0-100 SCFH GFM Mass Flow Meter for inline measurement of oxygen flow. Connect tubing to flow through the meter in the correct flow direction for direct readout of the current oxygen level. The LCD readout is built into the top of the unit and comes with a 90 degree tiltable display for viewing at different angles.

3/8" Compression connection fittings on both the inlet and outlet.  Maximum Operating Pressure is 1000 PSI.

A mass flow meter allows for accurate flow measurement that is corrected for pressure.  Flow can be indicated on the display or via digital output.  The GFM flow-meter will work with air or oxygen flows.


Diagram below shows an example of the GFM flow meter in use:

GFM flow meter used in ozone system

The GFM mass flow meter will provide an accurate real-time measurement of oxygen flow through your ozone generator.  When used with an ozone analyzer an accurate calculation of ozone output (g/hr) can be performed.  These are great tools to implement into an ozone system to verify ozone output real-time and ensure your system is operating at peak capacity at all times.

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 0 - 100 LPM
Operating Pressure 1 - 1000 PSI
Max Pressure 1000 PSI
Gas Connections 3/8" compression connection
Power Requirements none
Lead Time in stock
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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