*PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued. If your're looking for an alternative, we highly recommend the MAX-5.*


8 SCFH oxygen production at 9 PSI is produced by a Workhorse-8 oxygen concentrator module.

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*PLEASE NOTE: This product has been discontinued. If your're looking for an alternative, we highly recommend the MAX-5.*


Workhorse oxygen concentrators simplify the process of oxygen system selection and setup. Simply plug the unit in and turn on for high concentrated oxygen delivered quietly and reliably. Each workhorse is the result of some state-of-the-art engineering that produced the Advanced Technology Fractionators (ATF). 

The necessary components have been meticulously matched to optimize performance. The Workhorse is intended to provide a turnkey solution when time or resources are not available to engineer a custom system. These PSA systems are economical and maintenance-free.

ATF Oxygen Modules incorporate proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principles into a unique patented design, which allows these systems to be compact, efficient, rugged, and lower in cost. ATF modules offer unparalled design flexibility and enable applications where on-site/on-board oxygen generation was previously impractical. 


Reliable Oxygen Production

Environmentally Tolerant

Compact and Lightweight

Constant Delivery Pressure

Low Operating Cost

Eliminates Need for External Product Tank

Optional Oxygen Concentration Monitor 

Product Characteristics

Performance Data:

Product Flow

Oxygen Delivery Pressure



9 PSI (62 kPa)

Product Concentration Up to 95%
Product Dew Point -100°F (-73°C)
Dimensions (DxH)

14 x 18 x 14 inches

36 x 46 x 36 cm

Weight 43 lbs (20 kg)

Physical Connections

Product Gas Outlet


1/8" FNTP

Ambient Operating Conditions 

Locate the oxygen concentrator system in a well-ventilated area that is protected from weather elements.

Inside room or enclosure: Temps should remain between 40°F (4°C) and 130°F (54°C) 

In storage: Temps should remain between 0°F (-18°C) and 140°F (60°C)

Control Power Requirements (Single Phase) 120 V  ~ ± 10%, 60 Hz or 208-240 V ~ ± 10%, 60 Hz or 220-240 V ~ ± 10%, 50 Hz
Typical Power Consumption ~450 W

Typical Applications


  • Jewelry/Brazing/Sodering


  • Ozone (Generator) Feed Gas
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste/Water Treatment


  • Fish Farming
  • Cosmetic

What is Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Clean, dry compressed air is fed into the first molecular sieve bed.  Nitrogen is adsorbed, while oxygen is allowed to flow through.  When the sieve in the first bed becomes full of nitrogen, the airflow is then directed into the second bed.  As the second bed separates the oxygen from the nitrogen, the first bed vents its nitrogen into the atmosphere.  Compressed air is once again fed into the first bed, and the process is repeated continuously.  A constant flow of oxygen is reliably produced.

PSA oxygen generator description


Workhorse Specifications

More Information
Manufacturer Air Sep
Call For Price No
Listing Description 8 SCFH @ 9 PSI
Internal Compressor Yes
O2 Delivery PSI 9 PSI
Nominal Gas Flow Rate 8 SCFH
Operating Pressure 7 PSI
Max Pressure 9 PSI
Gas Connections 1/8" Female NPT
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14" wide x 18" deep x 14" tall
Operational RH Range NA
Operational Temperature Range NA
Power Requirements 120 V ~ ±10%, 60 Hz or 208 – 240 V ~ ±10%, 60 Hz or 220 – 240 V ~ ±10%, 50 Hz
Lead Time In Stock
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
Oxygen Production 8 SCFH
Description Turnkey unit with built-in compressor
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