Custom RCB-1

Our RCB-1 Relay Control Box can be used for a wide array of different applications. It is most commonly used to regulate gas levels as an accessory to ozone monitors. Another popular application is to use it in a custom ozone chamber, where the RCB-1 is connected to an ozone monitor, which tracks the ozone levels inside of a given chamber. Once the ozone level in the chamber reaches certain point, the ozone monitor will send a signal to the relay control box, which will then send a signal to an ozone generator to stop producing ozone for the chamber. Once ozone levels in the chamber drop past a desired level, another signal will be sent through telling the ozone generator to once again begin producing ozone until the chamber gets back to an ideal level. Simply put, the RCB-1 is most typically used to regulate the ozone levels for a given circumstance.

We recently had a customer that wanted to regulate the production of his oxygen concentrators. After a call with one of our ozone specialists, they came to the conclusion that a custom RCB-1 would be the best option. Our shop technicians were able to make an RCB-1 with a built-in pressure gauge that would allow the relay control box to regulate the pressure at which the oxygen concentrators were performing.

Our RCB-1 can be found here.

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