The RCB-1 Relay Control Box offers a quick and easy way to regulate gas levels as an accessory for ozone monitors.

Used to enable easy regulation of ozone levels.

Part Number: RCB-1


To use the RCB-1 an ozone monitor is required. Compatible monitors are listed below. The relays are wired to the RCB-1 to trigger an added component that will remove ozone from an area or maintain a specific ozone level. Maintaining ozone levels within an area is why the RCB-1 is required when building your own ozone chamber. Please click here if you would like more information on Building Your Own Ozone Chamber.


List of Compatible Moniters: 







     -F12D (with relay option)

     -D12 (with relay option)

     -Aeroqual SM-50

     -Aeroqual SM-70

     -Aeroqual S-300

     -Aeroqual S-500

     -Aeroqual S-900

     -Aeroqual S-930

     -EcoSensors C-30ZX

     -EcoSensors OS-4

     -EcoSensors OS-6

     -EcoSensors OEM-1

     -EcoSensors OEM-2

     -EcoSensors OEM-3

     -EcoSensors UV-100

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Listing Description

The RCB1 Relay Control Box offers an easy and effective way to regulate gas levels when combined with a gas monitor. By connecting the RBC-1 with any compatible gas sensor the Control Box can automatically activate or deactivate other connected equipment in response to gas levels.

Power Requirements 120 Vac
Lead Time 1 week
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
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