ISX Ozone Water System

ISX Ozone Water Systems are large scale industrial water treatment systems.  Using water cooled ozone generators and industrial oxygen concentrators the ISX series is built for long term reliability and performance.

Ozone production range from 100 to 1,000 g/hr ozone for high water flow applications

Ozone Information

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The ISX Ozone Injection Systems are our largest turnkey ozone systems for dissolving ozone directly into water.  For applications larger than the ISX systems are designed for, contact us for information on a custom ozone system for your application.


These systems are capable of ozone production rates up to 1,000 g/hr on a turnkey skid that is ready for operation upon delivery.  Simply one-touch start-up and shut-down, along with easy to understand automation make these a great system for medium to large scale ozone projects. 


Water cooled ozone generators will provide consistent ozone production with closed loop water chillers to keep ozone cell temperature consistent.  Ozone generator produces ozone from oxygen with stainless steel and ceramic ozone generation tubes that are completely rebuildable and field serviceable.  Oil cooled transformers with solid state electronics are used for maximum reliability. 

 Industrial oxygen concentrators use large steel sieve beds to hold molecular sieve material for oxygen generation.  Quality diaphragm valves are used for valving the air and oxygen flow, these valves are completely rebuildable and field serviceable.  Long term reliability and serviceability are key features of these oxygen concentrators.

 While these are packaged pre-designed systems we offer a great deal of customization and options for each system. No two ozone applications are identical, and no two industrial settings are identical. Our ozone application engineers will work with you to ensure we design and provide the right ozone system for your specific application.


System Features:

     -One touch ON/OFF switch

     -Ambient ozone safety sensor interated in central controller

     -Stainless steel pump and piping for maximum reliability and servicability

     -Ozone produced from oxygen at high concentration (8% by weight)

     -Excellent mass transfer of ozone into water

     -Capable of high dissolved ozone levels in water

     -Quality industrial oxygen concentrators used

     -Integrated closed loop chiller for ozone generator cooling

Common Applications:

     -Food processing

     -Bottled water

     -Surface sanitation


     -Well water treatment

     -Dairy applications

     -Wastewater treatment

     -Water reuse applications

     -Water reclamation


Specification Table:

O3 Output O2 Flow % O3 Ozone Dosage Compressed air Dimensions
ISX-150 150 g/hr 25 LPM 8% 1.32 ppm @ 500 GPM 22 CFM Required

55" x 55" x 65" tall

ISX-325 325 g/hr 50 LPM 8%

2.87 ppm @ 500 GPM

28 CFM Required

60" x 55" x 72" tall

ISX-500 500 g/hr 80 LPM 8%

4.41 ppm @ 500 GPM

35 CFM Required

65" x 55" x 72" tall

ISX-800 800 g/hr 115 LPM 8%

7.05 ppm @ 500 GPM

45 CFM Required

65" x 55" x 80" tall

ISX-1000 1000 g/hr 150 LPM 8%

8.82 ppm @ 500 GPM

54 CFM Required

70" x 55" x 82" tall




How it Works:

Compressed air used to produce oxygen gas from air.  The Industrial oxygen concentrator uses Pressure Swing Absorption to purge nitrogen from the compressed air and capture oxygen.  Oxygen gas at a 93% purity or higher is used to produce ozone in the ozone generator. 

The ozone generator uses stainless steel corona cells with ceramic dielectrics to produce ozone from corona discharge.  Water cooled corona cells are used for consistant ozone production in any ambient temperature.  High voltage corona at 1,500 Hz is used to split oxygen into ozone within the ozone generator.  An oil filled transformer is used to increase voltage from the solid state power supply.  This will produce ozone reliably at a concentration of 8% by weight.

A closed loop water chiller is used to keep ozone generator corona cells cool and at a consistant temperature.  This chiller will use cooling water pumped through the chiller and ozone generator in a closed loop.  Refrigerant will be used to cool this cooling water below ambient temperature and maintain consistant chiller water in ambient temperatures up to 110 deg-F.

This ozone and oxygen gas will flow to a Mazzei venturi to be mixed efficiently with the water.  An ozone injection pump will be used to provide water circulation and pressure differential accross the venturi.  Thsi will pull ozone gas into the water and mix ozone efficiently with the water.

An optional ozone mixing chamber can be provided to further dissolve ozone into water and off-gas excess ozone gas safely to an ozone destruct unit, or a safe location.  


Optional Accessories:

The ISX Ozone Systems can be configured with a wide variety of optional accessories to custom tailor them to your specific application.  For information about ozone systems for your application call our application engineers today for free consulting advice.

     -Dissolved Ozone Monitor - will measure actual dissolved ozone levels in the water real time.  The ozone system can be controlled to maintain a desired ozone level in the water, or alarms can be used to alert personnel when ozone levels are low.  

     -ORP Monitor - measures ORP (oxidation reduction potentail) levels in the water real time.  The ORP monitor can be used to ensure water treatment is effective and that the ozone system is functioning.  While ORP is not a direct measurement of ozone in water it is a great tool to ensure the ozone system is providing the necessary water treatment.

     -Ozone Catalyst Unit - catalyzes ozone safely back to oxygen to ensure any off-gassed ozone is not introduced into the air.  Ozone Destruct unit is provided with an air trap and heater to ensure water does not damage the catatic material used.

     -Remote Ambient Ozone Sensor - will measure ozone in remote location (point of use of ozon water) to ensure safe environment where the water is actually bieng used.

     -Water Pressure Switch - can be used to turn ozone system ON and OFF based on water usage as measured by the water pressure switch.  User settable

     -Ozone Mixing Chamber - stainless steel mixing chamber will further mix ozone with water and off-gas excess ozone from water.  Includes all piping and off-gas vent for operation.

     -Ozone Destruct Unit - can be used to destroy all excess ozone safely and return to oxygen to vent safely into the ambient air.


Downloadable Content:

ISX-Series Brochure

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price Yes
Feed Gas Oxygen
Nominal Gas Flow Rate See Spec chart for details
Operating Pressure 20 - 30 PSI
Max Pressure 50 PSI standard, up to 100 PSI optional
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 95-deg F
Operational RH Range 0-85% humidity
Power Requirements 220 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
Lead Time 2-4 weeks depending upon options
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions (LxWxH) 55" x 55" x 65" tall
Country of Origin USA
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