Venturi 584

Kynar Mazzei Venturi injector for ozone injection into water.  Model 584, for water flows from 3 to 9 GPM.


Model 584 Venturi Injector uses 3/4" Male NPT connections inlet and outlet.  Venturi is Black Kynar material for maximum ozone resistance on longevetiry on all ozone systems.  The 584 venturi is also available in 1/2" connections.  For this option and other materials, including stainless steel please contact us.

Venturi is Black Kynar material for maximum ozone resistance on longevetiry on all ozone systems.  For other materials, including stainless steel please contact us.

The Mazzei venturi injector is the most widely used method of dissolving ozone gas into water, and, for good reason.  This is the most effecient and simple method to get ozoene gas to dissolve into water.

Most ozone injection system will use a Mazzei venturi to dissolve ozone into water.  If you are replacing a venturi injector check the center of the bottom of the venturi (below the suction port) for a part number.  It will be 3 or 4 numbers long.  If you cannot find this, or if you are building your own system and need help sizing a venturi, please give us a call.

Venturi Injectors use a pressure differential of the water to pull ozone gas into the water.  Using internal mixing vanes water and gas are further mixed on the outlet of the venturi. 



How a Venturi Injector works

Click HERE to see a video on how the venturi injector works

A venturi injector pulls ozone/oxygen gas into the water stream under a vacuum and dissolves that ozone/oxygen gas into water very efficiently.  A pressure differential accross the oriface in the venturi creates a high-velocity jet stream of water.  This high velocity of water results in a decrease in absolute pressure and creates a vacuum on the third leg, or gas suction let.  This gas is quickly and efficintly dissolved into the water directly after this venturi.



Ozone/Oxygen gas is pulled into the water.  The gas fills the void created by the suction action of the venturi to entrain the gas bubbles into water very efficiently.

 Venturi injector in action



Venturi Injector Performance

A venturi injector will operate over a wide range of pressures and water flows.  However each ozone injection application should be evaluated to ensure the right injector is chosen for your specific application.  Below is a performance chart for air/ozone suction into water based on water flow and pressure on the venturi.

Click HERE for complete Mazzei Venturi Injector Performance Tables (all mazzei venturi's are in one table)

Mazzei Venturi performance Chart


For questions on how to size the right venturi injector for your specific application call our application engineers.  We would be glad to help.




Diagram of Mazzei Venturi Injector parts

Model 584 Venturi Injector

 The Mazzei Venturi Injector is sold with an integrated check valve assembly.  The parts used are all ozone resistant and will hold up to both ozone and hydrogen peroxide injection into water quite well.  There is a barbed connection on the end of the check valve assembly to connect tubing to.  Also, there is a threaded secion that can be used for a threaded connection by cutting the barb off the fitting.  This is a great option for a more leak proof connection.


Tech Tip:

When we install venturi's on systems we remove the entire check valve assembly and thread a stainless steel check valve directly to the threaded body of the venturi.  This eliminates the entire check valve assembly provided by Mazzei.  We have found these to be failure prone, along with a light duty plastic threaded connection that can leak over time.  By using a stainless check valve both potential ozone leaks, and back flow to your ozone generator are prevented.



Mazzei Venturi Injector Dimensions

Model 584 Venturi Injector



Check Valve:

The Mazzei venturi injector is supplied with an integrated check valve.  However, in our ozone applications we remove this check valve and replace with a stainless steel check valve The standard check valve supplied with a mazzei venturi is a Kynar material that does not always create a leek proof connection.  The standard Mazzei check valve will also leak water slowly past the seal in many situations.  By removing the stock check valve and threading this check valve directly on the Mazzei venturi a more secure connection is possible with stainless fittings, and a positive check valve with a positive seal is used.

Click HERE for Mazzei's recommendations on supplemental check valvesCheck valve used on venturi



By-Pass Assembly:

Installing the venturi injector into a by-pass assembly is suggested in some applications.  When total flow rates of water are greater than the venturi chosen can handle a by-pass may be required.  Also, if the specific suction and water flows are unkown the by-pass will allow for some flexibility in the venturi operation.  See image below for details on a by-pass assembly.

Click HERE for By-Pass Installation bulliten

If required a by-pass assembly can be provided with your venturi purchase.

OZone venturi in by-pass asembly


Mazzei Tech Notes:

Tech Note - Injector Troubleshooting Guide

Tech Note - Injctor ozone to water mixing

Tech Note - Correction factor for gas flow when gas is under pressure

Tech Note - Injctor by-pass assembly

Tech Note - Supplemental check valves

complete Mazzei Venturi Injector Performance Tables (all mazzei venturi's are in one table)

More Information
Manufacturer Mazzei
Call For Price No
Max Pressure 150 PSI
Material of construction Black Kynar
Lead Time on hand
Dimensions 5.9-inches long x 1.33-inches wide x 3.08-inches tall
Country of Origin USA
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